Scientist Say The “Upside Down” From “Stranger Things” Can Actually Exist!


If you have an Internet connection you’ve probably heard about “Stranger Things” It’s a new TV show that got everybody HYPED.

The show tells a story of a boy who vanishes into thin air after being chased by ‘something’ which happens to come out of a secret government research center. However, the secret government research center is actually a reference to The Montauk Facility linked with A LOT of disturbing, bizarre, metaphysical phenomena. We come to this conclusion because the show was intended to be called “Montauk” and takes place in the 80s (the same time The Montauk Project took place). (source)


Later in the show, it turns out that the monster came out from what’s described as ‘The Upside Down’ after an experiment with a gifted child went wrong. The little girl was telepathic and the government tried to listen to Soviets through her mental abilities. However, it turns out that the ‘mental’ space she used to travel with her consciousness to the Soviets, is not empty at all. It’s a place of darkness and monsters; a place completely opposite of our world, or let’s say a mirror image of our reality. And when the girl created this breach with her mental abilities, the border that separated ‘the upside down’ from our world weakened, and the monster was able to travel into our reality.


It’s a great science fiction story! It gives us the nostalgia of those old movies which pushed us to wonder; it speaks about children who are heroes;

But, what if ‘the upside down’ this TV show speaks of is not that fiction?

Could It Be Possible The Upside Down From Stranger Things To Actually Exist
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What’s really interesting is that scientists say there is another world out there, a Universe they call The Shadow Universe existing all around us.

This is not a Parallel Universe and it’s not a different Dimension. It’s part of our Universe and it’s probably constructed from the same dimensions.

When scientists discovered a strange matter in The Universe they could not explain why and how this matter behaved like it did. It was not affected by light, it passed right through our matter like a ghost, however it had mass. They called this matter Dark Matter.

Scientists say when our Universe was created, when our matter was created, dark matter was also created. In fact, there is at least 4 times more dark matter in The Universe than regular matter we interact with every day. (source)

The Shadow Universe is created mostly by Dark Matter. Scientists suggest that it is possible for The Shadow Universe to consist of planets, stars and systems just like ours. Maybe even life. Some even believe that dark matter asteroids shower through our earth. Some of those ‘mirror matter’ asteroids could have slightly interacted with our photons, burned out and stopped inside the Earth without making a BOOM or a hole. (source)


Taking this in consideration, isn’t it possible that this mirror of our reality is actually ‘the upside down’ that “Stranger Things” speaks of?

Some theories suggest that the researchers who participated in the “Montauk Project” experimented with frequencies, teleportation and manipulating consciousness. They say that scientists were successful in entering and implanting ideas into people’s consciousness. Supposedly the “Montauk Project” ended in 1983 when a subject unleashed a monster from their unconsciousness. (source)

All this sound familiar? Well this is the exact plot of “Stranger Things”

We are only starting to scratch the surface of what’s out there. Science approves of different dimensions and parallel universes so maybe a mirror reality from our world is not that strange when you think about it.

What if this Shadow Universe is actually the border between 2 parallel universes? Is there a dark doppelganger of ourselves? We can only ponder with our minds. One thing is for sure, there are certainly Stranger Things out there! (Pun intended)


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