3 Quick Tricks To Increase Your Memory To A Level You’ve Considered Humanly Not Possible!


There are people who can remember more than 20,000 digits of Pi; there are people who can remember all pages and all words in a book; there are people who can memorize more than 1,500 cards in a row; and you cannot even remember what you had for lunch yesterday.

These people are not born with special abilities. No. They know simple tricks which they implement to SKYROCKET their memory ability.

Here are 3 simple tricks that will help you increase your memory:


Create a storytricks-to-increase-your-memory create a story

The secret in remembering is in the format you are ‘recording’ the thing you want to remember.

It is A LOT easier, and energy saving, to remember a story rather than a grocery list. Think of this story for a moment:

“You are trying to wash your clothes and you put a detergent into your washing machine. You turn it on, and you go to the kitchen to make yourself a sandwich only from bread. You eat the sandwich but you feel thirsty. You open your fridge and you drink from the milk. After the sandwich you need to go to the toilet but in order to ‘do your thing’ you need to replenish the toilet paper. After you do your job you want to chill for a moment and drink a glass of wine.”

It’s easier to remember the story rather than a list that says: “detergent, bread, milk, toilet paper and wine” even though it doesn’t seem like it.

In the story you have a lot more details to remind you of the next event (thing you need to buy) than on a short list. Also, there is the emotional element of you picturing yourself doing those things that fortifies your memory.

Professionals say the more the story is ridiculous the more you will remember it.


Create an imagetricks-to-increase-your-memory create an image

They say that an image can tell 1,000 words and if that’s true than compressing data into one image saves a lot of space and energy.

When we observe an image we can look at all the details simultaneously.

If you are trying to remember someone’s name, visualize an object that will help remind you in the future. For a woman named “June” think of summer; for someone named “Brad” imagine a loaf of bread.

You can imagine any picture that you associate with the name. However, most names are already helping you a lot, like “Rose” so it’s not that hard.


Create an acronymtricks-to-increase-your-memory create an acronym

One of the best ways to compress a large amount of data into a ‘smaller file’ is to create an acronym from the first letters of the elements.

It’s unimaginably more helpful to remember 1 word with 10 letters rather than 10 words, right?

Using the previous example, try remembering “dbmtw”! It’s a lot easier than remembering “detergent, bread, milk, toilet paper, wine” isn’t it?

And in most scenarios you’ll have letters to create an existing word which will additionally ease your job to remember. For example “most” can stand for “milk, oranges, soap, toilet paper” and remembering that is just easy.

If you implement all of the tricks we mentioned in this article, we have no doubt that your memory ability will look superhuman to other people.