THEY Don’t Want You To See How Your “Delicious” Eggs Are Made! But YOU Do…


You get up, you make yourself some breakfast, some scrambled eggs perhaps, and it’s delicious. You go on with your day. However, you have no idea how these eggs were produced. You have no awareness of what you support with buying those eggs, what you become accomplice of. You have no idea what CRUELTY is happening behind the scenes. And to be honest, it’s not your fault. No one is showing you what really happens. But you have the right to know!

Eggs are a great source of protein. They are nutrient and healthy, and no one is saying that they are not. But if you want to eat eggs than take care of a chicken. Take care of 10 chickens if you are able. If they’re going to give eggs for you than make sure they live a happy life, out in nature, seeing the sunshine instead of machines. What we are doing to animals just so we can mass produce eggs is inhuman! It’s WRONG on so many levels! We have no respect for life what so ever. And if we cannot change this, than we are not grown enough to eat eggs.