The Scientific Way On How To Be Happy Reveals EVERYTHING You Need To Know To SHINE…


Happiness is something we all long for. However, this may be the biggest mistake we start with. This treasure we all look for may be something we already have. We never open it simply because we don’t think we have the power. And most of the time, simply because we spend so much time and energy chasing it, we never really find it.

There are many factors that influence our happiness. Some are psychological, some are physical and chemical. Understanding how the feeling of happiness influences our bodies is important so we can unlock its secret.

However, researching about people who are truly happy you can never see someone who seeks happiness per se. What if, instead of seeking happiness, we seek activities that make us happy? Simply by reframing it this way we are going beyond the need to be happy. We realize that there is something beyond the happiness, the activity. And this makes a whole lot of a difference.

We don’t see happiness as an end’s goal anymore. We see it as a sign that we are on the right path. Maybe all that happiness ever was is a ‘direction sign’ a message from some emotional language that we are going in a direction that has something resonating with our truth.

Here is what science says about happiness:

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How to Be Happy