Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony Reminds The World That Climate Change Is VERY Real And VERY Serious!


We tend to forget that each and every single action has a reaction. The fact that we dig up buried carbon and release it upon the atmosphere has a big impact on the world. We are conflicting the Natural balance because we want to power the engines of our machines with fossil fuel.

Now there is conspiracy and there is science. There is common sense and common logic that you can apply and test this for yourself. Just look at the charts of the temperature. They start to increase drastically EXACTLY when fossil fuel is firstly introduced to the world. Almost 99% of the scientists support this and they are not the types of people who agree with each other on most things.

The opening ceremony in Rio was nothing REALLY special but it had a beautiful message. We are born with nothing and we die with nothing, why don’t we make the time we are here filled with love, friendship and happiness. Why there is so much greed? Along this beautiful message they focused on honoring mother Earth and how we can improve the way we live on it. They reminded the world that climate change is very real and very serious by showing this video:

With part of the opening ceremony for the Rio Olympics focused on our planet, organizers found a way for athletes to leave their mark. As they entered the stadium, each received a seed and a cartridge to plant a native tree of Brazil. There were 207 species represented – one for each country in the Games. (source)

There will be an Olympic Tree growing created from the seeds of all contestants, formed by 207 different species each representing a country. Now this is a powerful metaphor we can learn from as human beings! ONE TREE uniting us all!

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