7 Science Facts That Will Leave You In Awe


The world is a mysterious place. The cosmos, nature, and life itself are just 3 of the countless mysteries millions of people spent entire lives trying to solve. The sole fact that there is existence, that there is something rather than nothing, is a mystery.

There are many facts scientists have proven which paradoxically, instead of solving the mystery, they make everything just stranger.

Maybe it’s our capacity to grasp things, maybe it’s a fallacy of our logic, but realizing some of the magnificent facts about The Universe is MIND BLOWING! Here are 7 of the most INCREDIBLY mind blowing facts that will stretch your mind to a whole new dimension:


Mindblowing Fact 1

You are the same age as The Universe because matter can never be created or destroyed.


Mindblowing Fact 4

Everything we eat is processed sunshine.


Mindblowing Fact 7

You have never been in the same physical place twice since the earth, solar system, and galaxy are all moving through space.


Mindblowing Fact 9

Everything you see is delayed.


Mindblowing Fact 10

If you properly shuffle a deck of cards, chances are that exact order has never been seen before in the whole history of The Universe.


Mindblowing Fact 6

If someone on a planet 65 million light years away look at earth, they see dinosaurs.


Mindblowing Fact 8

Not all starlight is the same age, some of it is millions or even billions of years apart even though it hits your eye at the same time. So the night sky isn’t a single moment in The Universe but rather a patchwork of time billions of years in breadth.