Navy SEALs Have The Key To Overcoming ANY Mental Barriers And They Call It “The 40 Percent Rule”


You have probably heard that you are more than you think you are. You can do more than you have ever imagined.

However, you have limits that prevent you. We all do! These limits are mainly inside our minds keeping us from stretching them too much. In a way, they keep us safe.

But it is a thin line between safety and prison. Sometimes you have to work against these mental barriers in order to become something you have a potential to be!

Navy SEALs have a simple rule, they call it “The 40 Percent Rule”. This helps them achieve almost humanly impossible exercises.

Here is Jesse Itzler, a man who has ran super marathons of more than 100 miles (also an author), explaining what “The 40 Percent Rule” is and how you can apply it wherever you feel there is a mental barrier blocking your way towards your goals: