We Have Been Charging Smartphones WRONG Our Whole Lives! THIS Is The Right Way…


Everyone would agree that the batteries of Smartphones are terrible. They can barely last an entire day. However, that’s partially our fault too.

Most of us leave our Smartphones to charge overnight. We think that’s the best time since we don’t need them while we sleep and the next day we won’t have to worry about our battery running out. But that’s the FIRST MISTAKE we do!

THIS is how to charge your Smartphone properly:

1. Don’t leave your Smartphone on the charger if its battery is full!

This happens if we leave it to charge overnight. The phone charges in about an hour or 2 and stays 5, 6, or 7 more hours on the charger with no need. The experts say that’s like instead of working out for 1 hour, you workout for 5 hours. That’s what it “feels” like for the battery.

2. It’s best if you don’t charge your Smartphone to 100%

If you don’t REALLY need your Smartphone to be 100% charged it’s best if you maintain the battery around 10 to 80%

3. Leave your Smartphone to charge whenever you have a chance!

Even if that’s only for 5 or 10% the battery is much “happier” when you do this instead of leaving it on the charger the whole night. If you lose 30% of the battery, charge it. That’s the best way. It’s completely ok if you plug and unplug your Smartphone from its charger a couple of times per day (of course, don’t test its limits).

4. Be careful of overheating the Smartphone!

If you notice that the battery of your Smartphone is getting a little bit “excited” take off its mask. If you are outside make sure your Smartphone is not on the sunlight. Make sure its covered. That will keep your battery protected.

Our Smartphones can be of great help to us if we know how to use them properly, and NOT be their slaves. However, we need to take a smarter care for them because after all, they are Smartphones but we are the humans that created them.

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