This Is How The Food We Eat Significantly Affects How We Perceive The World…


You have probably heard the saying “You are what you eat.” Well this is not far from the truth! Every piece of food creates a different chemical reaction inside our bodies.

Imagine your body like an instrument and different types of food like different pieces of music. Each food plays a different melody through your body by stimulating it to produce certain chemicals. For example chocolate is one melody, bananas are another, and all the other foods are a different melody. Our job is to balance our diet so the music that the food plays through our bodies is harmonious and beautiful.

With this in mind it’s safe to say that different foods promote different emotions and moods which determine our outlook in a certain moment. If we consume foods that make us feel good, energized and happy we will look at the world through that kind of glasses.

When someone is happy they perceive the happy details around them. When someone is sad they ignore the happy details and perceive the sad ones. In reality details are neutral, it’s the eyes of the beholder that create meaning and attach emotion. Therefore, if you eat foods that make you happy you will have a positive outlook, and the world around you will become much more positive too.