HEROIC Inmates Escape Prison Just To Save Guard Who Is Having A Heart-Attack!


Despite how the world looks, we are all good inside. Some can see this in themselves some cannot. But we all are!

Our basic instinct when we see another person hurt is to help them. A crew of Texas inmates show exactly this, that no matter who you are in the purest essence you are a human.

The inmates, still in shackles, saw the guard having a heart-attack and collapsing. They broke the door from the cell and tried to help the guard. When they saw that they are unable to help because of their shackles, the prisoners started making a loud noise so the guards upstairs can hear that something is wrong and come downstairs.

Their plan worked. The guards thought there was a fight going on downstairs and came immediately. Unaware of the event the guards put the prisoners inside the cell. However, soon they saw what was really happening and called paramedics. This was a courageous stunt that could have ended badly for the prisoners if the guards were a little more aggressive.

Paramedics were able to help the guard, who survived.

“They definitely saved his life,” Capt. Mark Arnett of the Parker County Sheriff’s Office told NBC News. “There’s no doubt about that.”

Being a hero is a choice. It’s about choosing courage over fear to do the right thing in the right time. These inmates, no matter what their crimes are, they are heroes!