THIS Is The SHOCKING Truth Most Medical Corporations Don’t Want YOU To Know…


What’s this so called SHOCKING fact you ask?

Our minds have the power to heal our bodies!

If you don’t believe it I don’t blame you. It really is a hard fact to believe. Wait? What did I said? A fact?

Yes! The proof of this happening is in front of our eyes. The placebo effect holds some of the answer to this secret. The placebo effect has always been a big problem for the medical establishment.

The Spontaneous Remission Project is a database of over 3500 case studies from the medical literature. It contains a multitude of cases where patients have recovered from what were seemingly incurable illnesses.

According to Lissa Rankin, the real secret might be hidden behind the nurturing care of doctors and nurses.

When they tell you with a beaming smile that you’re going to be fine and that the drugs you just received (sugar pills) are incredibly effective and without side effects, you get a large release of healing chemicals and neurotransmitters like endorphins, nitric oxide and the love chemical oxytocin with its amazing healing capabilities.

No wonder kids’ first instinct is to kiss something that is hurt. Instinctively we know that love heals and creates harmony. We don’t know it produces certain chemicals that do the trick, but we instinctively know it’s the right direction.

This response is only turned on when you’re totally relaxed. This goes to show how important it is to find that place of inner peace in your life.

When doctors tell you that things look bleak and that you might have 3 more months to live, it triggers a fear response. The Amygdala signals to the adrenal glands that you’re in danger, triggering production and release of large amounts of stress hormones. These stress hormones, like cortisol and adrenaline shuts down your immune system.

Just a couple of weeks ago, researchers at the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine made a discovery which will forever alter the way we look at the brain, concluding that there is a direct connection between the brain and the immune system. (Source)

Many other researches show amazing things happening once a person regains control of their mind.

In the words of Sadhguru (a wise mystic who have helped and cured a lot of people through various types of alternative healing) “We created this body from inside. So the manufacturer of this body is inside. So if you have a repair job to be done, would you like to go to the manufacturer or the local mechanic?”

Medical science has prolonged life and there is no question about that. However, by having access to the source of that which created your body definitely you can fix every problem that arises from inside of yourself. What is happening from within you can be very easily handled from within you.

But if something happens from without you, if something harms you from the outer world than you need to contact “the manufacturer” but also “the local mechanic” for a fix. If you get wounded or a virus enters your organism, the manufacturer can help but the mechanic needs to help you too.

“There are 2 kinds of ailments, infectious and chronic. Infectious ailments happen to you because of an external invasion to your organism. You must go to the doctor. Don’t try to meditate on it.” says Sadhguru with a smile on his face. “70% of the ailments on the planet are self created. I am saying self created because they happen from within you.”

If we understand that we are the force that created our body not the body per se, we can learn how to unlock our mind’s true power to heal ourselves.

Balance and harmony are things we should strive for. Your choices matter. If you poison your body with things that benefit your pleasure centers more than they benefit the harmony of your organism than you are, in a way, making things harder for your organism to maintain balance and harmony.

Armed with this knowledge and future research we will have to rethink how we keep people alive, healthy and thriving.

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