Will Smith and Muhammad Ali Have A POWERFUL Message For People Who Hate Muslims!


The world wants to point fingers. It’s easier to generalize something about one group. However, the truth is not that simple.

People are not good or evil just because they share a certain label. There are good and evil people in all of the groups and sub groups of the world.

Someone is what it is because of what they choose to be. It’s an individual weakness to be evil. It’s not where you belong or what religion you are, those things are just surface things. If you are weak enough to hate, you will turn to be evil in whatever way that’s gonna be expressed through you. And you are going to believe that you are not, you are going to believe that you are doing good, because your weakness will shine demons upon the people around you, who may actually even love you.

There is nothing that evil people share but the weakness to turn their back on the good. But the truth is the truth. Objectively looking, hurting each other (emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually) randomly, without even giving a chance to know the other person is evil. No matter what side you think you are on, you are a human, and that’s just weak.

Here is what Will Smith and late Muhammad Ali have to say about people who hate Muslims. However, this can be a message for all people who hate: