Being TOO GOOD Is A Sickness! THIS Is Why…


Since we are born we are taught about the oldest war; The battle between GOOD and EVIL; darkness and light; But what if I told you that this is one GIANT lie, would you believe? There is no war out there. What we perceive as war is a dance of 2 opposite forces, the same forces that gave birth to The Universe and now develop it from inside. They both come from the same source; from the same frequency; and what we perceive as sides is simply the wave crest and the wave trough of the frequency.

You are made from these 2 forces also. You are neither light nor dark, you are both! YOU are the source of those 2 forces that dance inside and around you. Being “TOO” of anything means that you neglect the opposite, therefore you conflict the melody that you are. Being too good means that you neglect the other 50% of YOU and this way you can never achieve your true potential.

By acknowledging yourself as good automatically you are labeling certain others as bad, therefore you need others to be bad so you can be good. But by accepting that you are neither good nor bad, by being yourself, you don’t need others to be anything. You free others to be whatever they choose to be. You are the purest and truest form of YOU no matter what others choose to be. THIS is why being too good is a sickness: