Do You Know What The Half Moon Shape On Your Nails Means? The Answer Is More Important Than You Think…


The lunula, originating from the Latin word for “little moon”, is the white area around the nails. This tiny part of the nail is very sensitive and highly prone to damage.

According to alternative medicine, the lunula can tell a lot about your health. In fact, Chinese medicine suggests that the lack of lunula may be a sign of diabetes or anemia. If the lunula is red-colored, it may indicate cardiovascular issues.


Lack of lunula or having very small lunula often indicates indigestion, which is caused by accumulation of toxins and slow metabolism.

Medical experts believe that healthy individuals have 7 or 8 lunula on their nails. In case you find such structure on your thumb only, it can be a sign of a kidney failure.

To sum up, the lunula is considered a sign of how healthy you are. Therefore, any change should be taken seriously and get checked.