Jim Carrey Is Asked If He Is Religious. His Response BLEW ME AWAY!


Jim Carrey is one of my favorite people in the world. Every time I watch something he performs, acts, or even if he stands silent in there, I am instantly feeling great. He is like a reminder that everything is alright. The world is not perfect, but everything is alright.

I believe he achieves this because of his love. He said, in one of his speeches, that his purpose in life was always “releasing people from suffering” which he does through comedy and his playful spirit. We are all suffering from time to time and he is there to lift us up.

I believe that each of our purposes are the same at the core, to release each other from suffering. We each do this in our own unique ways giving our own unique fruits to the world through our own unique talents. But at the core, it’s all the same. That’s because each of our purposes come out from one source, our love!

Love is the source of all religion. That’s why it is not strange for Jim Carrey to give this answer when he was asked if he is religious:

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