Bill Murray Tells The ONE Most POWERFUL Truth About Waking Up!


Do you know the line: “He was dead as long as he was alive”? It’s a fine description for the majority of society.

So how does one live? You’ve probably noticed those tiny glimpses in life when we feel here on earth, we look around and there we are, observing, being present with our full potential, in the moment. If someone looks in our eyes they can see us, the REAL us… but these moments only last for a few seconds and then… we get lost again, somewhere between the past, the future. Between distractions and illusions. Between work and rest.

Most people live their whole life like this. Others are lucky to experience a couple of those tiny glimpses. Rare are those who really live in life. Bill Murray is asked what he wants in life. In about 4 minutes he tries to explain. If you understand his answer you will UNLOCK the secret of living.