Kid Gives EVIDENCE That Vaccines Cause Autism And His Video Went Viral For Another Reason!


We’ve spoken here, on Life Coach Code about vaccines and their link to autism, about Robert DeNiro’s controversial Anti-vaccination documentary being shut down and he being allegedly silenced. There are countless other arguments stressing the need for vaccination. There are many arguments and theories from both sides.

However, here we want to create oneness not separate on sides and ignore the other side of the coin. We try to seek the truth from both sides and create a picture of reality not an illusion we want to believe in.

Today we have a video of a young boy sharing his collection of evidence about vaccines causing autism. Take a look:

The kid is right.

Vaccines stop countless number of deadly diseases. There is no evidence of vaccines causing autism. Well, at least not public evidence. There is evidence of movies being shut down and organizations meddling into silencing individuals. The water is far from clear.

Maybe there is no need of stopping vaccination, maybe there is need of changing the vaccines into being safer.

Like DeNiro is saying: “Let’s just find out the truth. I’m not anti-vaccine as I say, but I am pro safe-vaccine.”