Cara Delevingne Opens Up About Her Secret Inner Struggles and Wanting To End Her Life!


Each and every single person fight an inner battle. We all do. The facades you see through your everyday life are just a part of this grand act we call society.

The famous 23 year old model/actress is just another brave celebrity who decided to open up about their inner life.

“I wanted the world to swallow me up, and nothing seemed better to me than death.” – She told Rupert Everett at the Women in the World summit in London.

She has been struggling with depression ever since she was young and modeling only made it worse.

Referring to her physical and mental illnesses caused by overworking, she said, “All those problems I had I masked with medicine instead of taking time to really solve them. But at that time I really wanted someone to stop me, to go ‘You need to take a break, you need to look after yourself.’ And no one did.”

Eventually, another supermodel and famous celebrity Kate Moss, told Delevingne to take a break from the field. Cara listened to the advice of her colleague. She was able to recover from that dark place in her life. She tried different things, experimented, but it seems that Yoga and writing did the trick for her.

Depression is a part of life. We all feel depressed at some point in our life. It’s normal. That’s a time to reflect on yourself, to change something and escape your comfort zone. In Nature is called contraction and expansion.

Running away from your depression or masking it, is what makes things worse and adds the adjective “clinical” next to it.

Most of the time we know that what we do is wrong but all we want is someone to save us. We don’t want to be our own hero. It doesn’t fit in our story. But the thing is, life is not a story, or a movie. The first step towards help is becoming your own hero. Once you do this you have to liberate yourself. Do something that you are passionate about. Play. And sooner or later life will become a better story than you could have ever created if you waited for someone to save you.