If This Video Doesn’t Wake You Up Nothing Else Will!


There is a saying, the best kind of slaves are the ones that don’t even know they are. And look at the world. That’s exactly what we are born into, a Freewill Slavery. We are suppressed by our own desires and the social pressure of trying to connect.

We are nothing but a modern day Sisyphus “pushing a rock uphill just so it can fall right before we reach the top and do it all again”

And in the process of doing so, we destroy everything that really matters for us. We destroy the world and everything that was ever pure. And we don’t realize this because we are distracted every second of our lives. We have no time to see this. We work all week and party all weekend. We get caffeinated, drunk and drugged by our own will. That’s how we keep ourselves asleep.

Why? Because we are too big of a cowards to sober up and look around. It’s better for us to live the rest of our lives satisfied by shallow pleasures, running this machinery that slowly destroys everything, than wake up and accept the error of humanity. It’s too hard for us, it’s too much pride down the toilet.

WAKE UP buddy! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! We still have time to liberate ourselves from our own prison. It’s your choice, what you gonna do? Keep dying or start LIVING?