Is THIS The GLOBAL Shift of Large Corporations We’ve All Been Asking For?


Green is going global. More and more countries are getting in on the green energy bandwagon, shifting their energy dependencies from fossil fuel burning to renewable energy. And the biggest recipient of this? Solar.

Maybe this is why a zebra is changing its stripes. The world’s largest coal company, China’s state-owned Shenhua Group Corp. has just partnered with Santa Monica, Calif.-based SolarReserve in order to bring 1,000 megawatts of solar thermal plants into China.

The two companies signed a memorandum of understanding earlier this week in Washington, in a ceremony attended by two Deputy Secretaries for Commerce and for Energy.

The most interesting thing about their partnership is the genius technology behind the gathering of solar energy they bring to the table.

Is THIS The GLOBAL Shift of Large Coroprations We've All Been Asking For

Unlike other solar power providers, SolarReserve builds and develops its own molten salt energy storage technology. The way it works is that it focuses the solar energy from the sun into a tall molten salt tower at the center of the complex, heating the molten salt into more than 566 C(1050 F).

This is then transferred to storage tanks and used to run turbines. Because the salt can maintain its heat for up to ten hours, the plant can continue to produce energy long after the sun goes down.

This technology allows SolarReserve’s plants to create power for 24 hours a day and maintain a stable electricity output—in contrast to the inconsistent production from typical renewable plants difficult to cope with.

This is wonderful news for the world and humanity in general as more and more large corporations start to awaken and shift their businesses towards more sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

The more people awake and see the disastrous effect our current way of doing things has over our planet, the more people will choose new eco-friendly companies over old-school ones. In order for the large companies to keep their businesses up to speed they will have no choice but to shift their way of doing things towards a more eco-friendly manner.