THESE are The Only Bombs That The World Needs To Be Showered With!


Can Nature win the war on climate change? Maybe with a little help from humanity.  Old military planes are now being reconditioned and refitted with new mechanics. Using these planes, we can drop tree bombs instead of landmines.

The program uses some of that fastest growing trees in the world, which grow over 10 feet per year.  These trees can fully counter the negative effects of de-forestation within a few years.

THESE are The Only Bombs That The  World Needs To Be Showered With Info

Tree Bombing

According to an article by the Guardian and followed-up by Treehugger Inhabitat, and Themindunleashed:

“A fleet of unused and decommissioned C-130 Hercules cargo planes, originally created to drop land mines, could be recommissioned as foresters.”

The Mind Unleashed described the process like this:

“The current proposal retrofits unused C-130 Hercules cargo planes to drop cones of seeds. The cones “bury themselves in the soil of a deforested area at the same distance that one would want them to be if planting the trees by hand. The tree bombs don’t explode on impact but rather their casing dissolves over time and they contain a measure of fertilizer and enough moisture to ensure that the tree takes root.”

Thailand already plans to use this program as one of the greatest “weapons” against deforestation: