Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley Makes a Serious “Threat” to The Self-Esteem Propaganda With This POWERFUL Message On Instagram…


 “Three of these statements aren’t true… Social media is great but also a bit scary ’cause what people post is the most filtered, most carefully chosen and cleverly edited moments of their lives,” Ridley wrote. “And self esteem is a huge issue for people around the world. My skin isn’t great so I don’t post no make up selfies, much as I’d like to; I have a trainer urging me on in workouts and don’t include all the times I say, “I can’t do it,” and I don’t smile all the time but I like to share the pictures where I am. But I actually do love myself, I try to think good thoughts always and am surrounded by the most wonderful people, so I’m keeping it balanced (like the Force, obvs). Just thought I’d say :)”

The world tends to force people into being the best versions of themselves. They need to work out, eat right, look great, speak great, read books, dance, sing, smile and at any cost avoid negativity.

Combine makeup with social media and it’s a lot “easier” to create whatever image you want the world to see you as… except it takes a hell lot of time.

It takes away time that you can use to do the things that really matter for you. It takes time you can use to visit people you love and care about while they are still here. It takes time you can use to learn things you always wanted to learn and actually become the best version of yourself.. but not for someone else, for you!

You shouldn’t feel forced to always do the right thing. Do the wrong thing from time to time, make a mistake, you are a human.

You cannot be happy all the time forcing your mind to think only happy thoughts, you cannot detach from everyone just because you find them as negative, that’s how you lose everything that was ever pure and real in your life.

Being negative is a part of life, just like positive times. It’s chemistry and it needs the both sides of the coin. Running away creates the REAL negativity in life.

Accept life as it is and live it.

Not for others, for YOU!