Life Coach Code – The Superhuman Code


Starting with the Superhuman Initiative was something unexpected. As a Life Coach people expect of me to focus on fixing their problems. This sounds so boring to me.

Why not go step further and help people become the best version of themselves? Now this sounds a little more interesting, doesn’t it?

Of course it does.

That’s why I created The Superhuman Academy, a series of lessons and exercises which will transform the students into Superhumans.

However, many people asked me, and I really laughed at this, “Will I be able to fly?”

I am sorry but I don’t think so. Maybe, I don’t know. I like to believe that anything is possible.

Being a Superhuman does not mean you’ll have super powers like in the movies and the TV shows. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be a super hero.

Being a Superhuman is very real and, in my opinion, much more important than being a super hero.

Because there was a lot of confusion I decided to make things clear.

This is The Superhuman Code:

A Superhuman is each individual who lives through their true potential without being limited by the limits of illusions.

  1. They honor 1 value before everything else, Love.
  2. They trust 1 thing before everything else, Their Heart.
  3. They are the ambassadors of True Light, the unity of our darkness and light.
  4. They are the love between their soul and consciousness.
  5. They improve their Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional being.
  6. They improve their Character and their Chakra system.
  7. They stand for and thrive through the values of humanity.
  8. They value their values before their thoughts and their feelings.
  9. Their Ego do not serve fear, instead it serves their true self.
  10. They know how to maintain the balance between letting go and holding on to something that matters.
  11. They follow 1 thing before everything else, their purpose.
  12. They have full control and responsibility over their lives.
  13. They work whatever they love.
  14. They empower others through their ways of living and raise the frequency of the world.
  15. They do small acts of kindness.
  16. They choose to believe in magic and things beyond our understanding, even though everything can be understood.
  17. They believe in true love.
  18. They work on their passions and talents and everything else they do is to benefit their passions and talents somehow.
  19. They honor and respect Nature and every Animal.
  20. They are curious and adventurous.
  21. They constantly improve the 6 fundamental aspects, Moral, Physical Strength, Spirituality, Frequency, Lifelong Learning and Self Discovery.
  22. They know they are enough to be who they have a potential to become, and grow through this truth.
  23. They know how to be human and have fun.
  24. They are free of superstitions and prejudices.
  25. They are immune to addictions.
  26. They have a great respect for everyone who is a part of their story.
  27. They neglect neither the Inner nor the Outer world.
  28. They give freedom to others to be whoever they want or need to be.
  29. They fight their own demons without putting that burden unto the world.
  30. They seek Truth, Goodness and Beauty.
  31. They respect and use the elements with balance.
  32. They understand there are greater forces in The Universe.
  33. They know the power and importance of humanity.
  34. They trust science and know it is the other side of spirituality.
  35. They know the difference between Male and Female energies.
  36. They use their true light as their super power.