30 Things You are ALWAYS In Control Of!


In this fast paced world we live today it’s easy to lose grip of what you can control.

And if that’s not hard, there is a daily bombardment of negativity on the news, there are countless contradictory teachings, there are millions and millions distractions that undoubtedly give you an instant reward and on top of that all, the marketing and promotional psychology is almost like fighting a Jedi who uses the force.

Everything feels like you just cannot escape what others have served you. However, that too is an illusion; a trick.

There are things that no one and nothing can stop you from controlling. Things that belong to you to be a master of, unless you let others fool you that you cannot.

Here are the 30 things you are always in control of:

  1. Your beliefs.
  2. Your attitude.
  3. Your thoughts.
  4. Your perspective.
  5. How honest you are.
  6. Who your friends are.
  7. What books you read.
  8. How often you exercise.
  9. The type of food you eat.
  10. What kind of movies and TV shows you watch.
  11. What kind of music you listen to.
  12. How many risks you take.
  13. How you interpret situations.
  14. How kind you are to others.
  15. How kind you are to yourself.
  16. How often you say “I love you.”
  17. How often you say “Thank you.”
  18. How you express your feelings.
  19. Whether or not you ask for help.
  20. How often you practice gratitude.
  21. How many times you smile today.
  22. The amount of effort you put forth.
  23. How you spend and invest your money.
  24. How much time you spend worrying.
  25. Whether or not you judge other people.
  26. Whether or not you try again after a setback.
  27. How much you appreciate the things you have.
  28. How much time you spend in the now.
  29. How many small acts of kindness you do in a day.
  30. How often do you meditate.

There are many, MANY more things you can control but I’ll let you discover them by yourself, I won’t rob you of that fun.

However, knowing these 30 will give you a nice boost of freedom.

The more things you realize only you can control, and also, the more things you realize were never in your control, the more free you become.