Aliens Observed Us for a Couple of Years and They Conclude These 11 Facts about Humanity!


After couple of years observation, an intelligent race from a distant galaxy finally is done with the research for humanity.

11 Things we have noticed about humans:

1. When a human likes another human, they hold hands.

Humans will often walk, sit, or talk while holding hands. They hold hands with their mate, family, friends, and offspring. (Awwww.)

2. Humans love to eat sweet and soft concoctions made of sugar and cream. When it’s warm, they call it “pudding.” When it’s cold, they call it “ice cream.”

They love sugar and cream so much sometimes they whip it and put the “whipped cream” on top of their other cream-based sweets.

3. Humans love to “hug.” They embrace each other’s bodies and it actually produces good-feeling chemicals in them.

Humans will hug each other for many reasons — love, celebration, sadness, comfort, romance, and even just to say hello or goodbye! How cute is that?

4. Humans often “cuddle,” which is basically just a very long hug.

One of the positions of “cuddling” resembles the utensil they use to eat pudding, “spoons,” so they call it “spooning.”

5. Humans like interacting with each other so much, they created the internet so they could be in constant contact even with humans who live far away.

They also invented FaceTime so they could not only talk to each other at long distances but also look upon each other’s faces. Aw.

6. When humans hear “music,” they often can’t help but bop to the rhythm. They call this “dancing.”

They also “slow dance,” which involves holding each other and swaying.

7. When a human hears something they think is funny, an involuntary repetitive sound comes from them called “laughter.”

Sometimes, if something is not that funny, and even if they feel a little sad, they fake their smile just so they don’t ruin the atmosphere for fellow humans.

8. Humans like human life so much, they spend many hours a week watching other humans act out pretend scenarios of human life on TV, in movies, and onstage.

They create human “characters,” and people called “actors” pretend to do things as said characters. Humans become deeply attached to these characters.

9. Humans created soft pads covered in cozy fabrics to sleep in at night, which they call “beds.”

Much like hamsters (cute and furry animals living on Gaya), humans love soft materials such as cotton and wool. They snuggle into what they call “blankets” for comfort and warmth.

10. Humans love games. They have invented countless amount of games for them to play.

Many of them spend their whole lives working just so they can have free time to play, which explains they are not too bright. They also dig holes in their backyards and fill them with water to splash around in. Especially in the summer. They love observing the distance over great chunks of water, feeling a certain kind of nostalgia for some reason.

11. Even if it doesn’t always seem like it, the majority of humans just want to make the world a better place for other humans.

Research shows most humans are at least trying to do what they think will help everyone else. The news focuses on the bad eggs because they think it’s more engaging. But truth is, humans are innately good, and that just makes them even cuter!



To conclude our research, humans are decent species, with good hearts. Sometimes they do bad things, and they hurt each other, but their deepest intent is always to make things better.

Sometimes they are weak in character, sometimes they are afraid, and this fear almost destroyed them a couple of times till now. But many times, especially times you least expect, they show to be courageous.

And after so much observation we still have no clue how and where do they find that incredible capacity to love, after so much bad that happened to their world.

Yes, they are flawed in many ways. But, taking in consideration they were left alone in this Universe to find their own way, they are doing the best they can. We need to cut them some slack, as they have a tendency to say.

We’ll stay hidden until further notice.

Report finished.

NOTE: Of course, this article is fiction.

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