Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman will Teach You How GOD wants Us to Pray In 1 of The Most POWERFUL Scenes!


All of us, at some point in our lives, try praying for something. Be that a wishing for something that we really want to happen or something that we really don’t.

There are many practices around the world that teach us how to pray. And in days when the world struggles with disasters and attacks, many people gather together to pray for peace and love in the world. Even more people do that individually, from their homes.

But one of the most powerful prayers are the ones that come from your heart, even if they are only dedicated to a single person. And when we pray from our hearts that is the purest form of prayer because it is the most humble one.

Because when you pray from your heart what you pray for is much bigger than you. It’s a complete surrendering to forces greater than you for something much bigger than you that you know is right and that no matter how small you are, you’ll always see that as right. And that’s pure honesty. That’s what god wants from you.

Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman will Teach You How GOD wants Us to Pray:


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