THIS is How The Sad Moments of Your Life Can KILL The Kid In You! And How to Prevent that!


All of us have dark times in our life. Sad moments. There are times in which all you want to do is run! Run away as far away as you can!

Times when you feel like not a single soul in the world understands what you try to say. Times you feel alone, left and forgotten.

But none of those moments is as dark as every happy moment you miss because you’re trying to run away from accepting all the bad poopoo that happened in your life.

Let me explain.

Sad Moments of Your Life Can KILL The Kid In You

We are all born and we grow up with a childlike wonder and hope.

We run around without worry, we hope without worry, we love without worry.

But as we grow up things which are outside of our control strike, things not in harmony with our truth. We lose a loved one, we are ridiculed, misunderstood, blamed, scared, hurt, and taught things about the world which are FAR from our truth. We call these moments dark moments.

Most of us suppress these moments, wait for a little time to pass so we can get back on the everyday regular track of life, living our truth.

But we are changed!

We are not playing without worry, we are not hoping without worry, we are not loving without worry anymore.


Sad Moments of Your Life Can KILL The Kid In You 2

Because as much as we don’t want to admit and accept those “dark” moments that happened in our life, they did, and as much as we want to suppress them a part of us knows about them.

So we go through our life worried and scared. We are not filled with wonder anymore but fear.

We call this being a grown up. But it’s not. It’s a result of not accepting the darkness.

You see, it is funny, because we do not accept the darkness we cannot fully be the light.

I realized something today.

Sad Moments of Your Life Can KILL The Kid In You 3

As I spoke to a dear friend of mine, as I whined about my “dark” moments, I realized that there were also good times. Great times!

There were times I forgot about because I was too busy running away from the  “dark” moments that happened. Times I missed enjoying while they were happening because I was too worried.

But once I expressed my “dark” times, once I accepted that there were some sad moments in my life I remembered.

I remembered that even though there are some sad moments, most of our lives are filled with happy ones.

If we are busy running away from the sadness we will miss on most of the happiness.

I was liberated!Sad Moments of Your Life Can KILL The Kid In You 4

I was scared that my life is filled with sad moments and I ran away from accepting that sad things happened to me.

I was scared that they will kill the kid in me.

But exactly this “running away” made me scared because I was unable to see the reality.

That’s what was killing the kid in me!

Once I accepted the sadness that happened in my life I was able to see the happiness.

And I wasn’t scared anymore. I wasn’t worried anymore.

I started playing, hoping and loving without worrying again. I was filled with childlike wonder again.

To ConcludeSad Moments of Your Life Can KILL The Kid In You 5

Life is a series of sad moments and a lot more happy moments. That’s all so completely normal.

Sad Moments of Your Life Can KILL The Kid In You 6There are not dark moments or light moments! There are only moments.

Sad Moments of Your Life Can KILL The Kid In You 8In some of them you are sad in some you are happy. That’s what being a human means. That’s what gives depth to life.
And your truth is the same in all of them. You are YOU in all of them.

Running away of what happened always distorts reality and introduces monsters that do not exist. It makes you think that you are not enough for the world.

But the reality is that you are always enough. You can be fooled that you are not, but you are!

Sad Moments of Your Life Can KILL The Kid In You 7Children do not worry, or even think at all, about not being enough. They are just who they are. And by accepting the world as it is you are free to be as you are.

That’s how you gain back your childlike essence, play, hope, love, wonder.

“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.” Spirit Points– Ernest Hemingway