A 90-Year Old Indian Chief Gives a COLD-HONEST Answer when Asked “Where White Men Went Wrong?”


It is an incredible achievement when you look at the technological and scientific advances we have accomplished. But only if you look it from above, being oblivious of all the ugliness that those advances were built upon.

We think of ourselves as the smartest species. We took the destiny of this planet in our hands and we try to tweak the systems governing us to perfection. But perfection to whom? To us, of course. We don’t try to make the systems perfect we try to make them perfect for us. To serve us.

But how can you make something that is already perfect, even more perfect. You can’t! In all probability you’ll screw things up.

Here is what a 90-Year old Indian Chief, who observed white men all of his life has to say when asked the question:

“Where white men went wrong?”

Where White Men Went Wrong

»U.S. Government Official:

“You have observed the white man for 90 years. You’ve seen his wars and his technological advances. You’ve seen his progress, and the damage he’s done.”

(The Chief “Two Fagles” nodded in agreement while The Official continued.)

»U.S. Government Official:

“Considering all these events, in your opinion, where did the white men went wrong?”

(The Chief stared at the government official then replied.)

»Indian Chief Two Fagles:

“When white men find land, Indians running it, no taxes, no debt, plenty buffalo, plenty beaver, clean water. Women did all the work, Medicine man free. Indian man spend all day hunting and fishing; all night making love.”

(The chief leaned back and smiled.)

“Only white man dumb enough to think he could improve system like that.”

(He smiled applying that the exact thought of improving a Natural system is where white men went wrong.)Spirit Points