THIS Incredible Video Explains what Ayahuasca Does to Our Brain! SHOCKING!


If you haven’t heard about Ayahuasca yet, in short Ayahuasca is a highly hallucinogenic drink prepared from the bark of the same-called tropical vine native to the Amazon region.

Due to its hallucinogenic properties Ayahuasca is used in many Shamanic rituals. The complete experience is quite expensive and it usually lasts a couple of days, starting with a cleansing period which is quite nasty.

However, Ayahuasca is far more remarkable than being called a simple hallucinogen. The most interesting thing is that the participants in the ritual are all “hallucinating” the same things, which is quite bizarre. It even sounds like a plot to a fantasy novel.

This video explains what exactly Ayahuasca does to our brain, and it’s remarkable!