A SHOCKING Speech from Agent Smith that will Open Your Eyes to The Sickness of Humanity!


Do you know what The Matrix is? I do not mean “The Matrix” as one of the best, highly conscious trilogies, but what The Matrix stands for and tries to describe.

Let me ask you this, why do you want a job?

So you can earn money, right? Why do you need money?

Except for buying things you do not really need, for buying necessities like food, water, shelter… You need those things for survival. And of course, here come the taxes.

To get a job you need to study, you need to build your resume, you need to buy more pointless things to help you succeed through this process.

This giant money-making-machine is The Matrix. Everything and everyone who tells you that you NEED to do something is a part of this Matrix. And, The Matrix is what keeps society so organized, all people working towards a mutual goal…

But what goal is that?Humanity's Goal Time Square

Survival? We are more evolved than that aren’t we? I mean we must be in order to create a system to sustain us all, like The Matrix.

So what, Money? But we are smarter than that, right? We know that money cannot be the end goal in reality they are only paper.

Buying? Getting more insignificant things we do not really need? Is this our purpose?

Can it be Power? Are we all working together while secretly competing with each other? Are we on a quest to acquiring wealth just so we can rise above everyone else, just so we can control more things shaping the world like we want to?



Is it a mix of all of these things? Or is it because nobody taught us any better?

Are we really here, on this beautiful planet, circling around a bright star, in the midst of the milky way, surrounded by more than 100 billion galaxies in an ever expanding universe to work for money? So we can buy products that most likely poison us?

Nahh, something is not right here.

It cannot be. It defies logic.

Is the idea to work for mutual growth, evolution and expansion and we need money so there is a mutual value of our energy spent? Isn’t that what money represent, value?

But how do we thrive where there are more flaws to this system than without it?

Taking what we do to Nature and even ourselves we have become a disease, a virus to the human spirit.

This is an EYE OPENING speech from agent Smith


But we don’t have to be!Agent Smith Free Will

All we should be is aware.

We have a choice to choose our own path, a free will, just like Neo. We don’t have to be a disease!

You know there are not only bad bacteria. There are bacteria that help sustain life. Maybe it’s time to create a new system which benefits all life.

And yes, we spread, but maybe we need to spread. Maybe, if we cure the sickness in the human spirit The Universe can kinda benefit from us around. Maybe we can make it a brighter place.

What do you think?