Watch The GREATEST Christmas Ad Inspired by TRUE EVENTS in WW1 and See what HUMANITY is Really About!


There is a time when you see something so powerful, so outside of the norm, of how we were taught to see the world, so strong in spirit that gives you hope to believe in humanity.

It penetrates right through the greater games and complicated schemes, right through fear, prejudices and paradigms showing us a piece of that simple reality we tend to miss. Of what being a human truly is about, aside of everything else.

Even though we may all be different and coming from different places, in the end, we are all united by the goodness of the human heart.

This is a TRUE STORY of what happened a century ago on Christmas Eve 1914 during the World War 1

On Christmas Eve, men from the British Expeditionary Force heard German troops in the trenches opposite singing hymns and patriotic songs. Messages were shouted between the trenches and, the following day – Christmas Day, an impromptu truce was arranged.

The dead were buried, trenches were repaired, and both sides met in no-man’s land to exchange gifts, take pictures and even play football.

“While the events we depict in our ad are fictional, we’ve tried to make the details as accurate as possible. Everything from the insignia on the men’s uniform to the depth of the trenches is based on historical fact. Even the dry biscuit the British soldier eats was baked to the authentic 1914 recipe.” – Say Sainsbury’s crew.

“In this short documentary we talk to the experts who advised us, interview the grandson of a soldier who was there, and hear first-hand accounts from both sides.”

Life Coach Code wishes Marry Christmas and Happy Holidays, no matter what you celebrate, because at the end we all celebrate the essence of the human spirit we all strive to maintain:



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<In the midst of war you have always the power to choose to be human>


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