This Heartwarming Video Of A Guy Saving An Exhausted Bumblebee Restored My Faith In Humanity


We see ourselves as a superior race but rarely do we act as one.

Superior race does not mean to just invent stuff, or drink tea in an elegant manner while speaking about the future of economy. A superior race sometimes means to help beings smaller than you who need just a little bit of kindness.

Here is a video of a guy helping an exhausted bumblebee by feeding it nectar from his palm.

Maybe we are on the top of the food chain but it’s not about climbing an imaginary leader while living in a round planet, is it? It’s about using your individuality to help the unity we all are, animals included.

And helping each other does not mean to expect something in return. It should be a natural instinct for beings which honor love. And yes, sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s scary, sometimes we hate that nobody gives us love but we should give to everyone.

I understand. I know. But love anyway buddy. If the world around you is cruel, love even harder. Let the intensity of your loving be a rebellion. Because the more you love, the more love there is, and the better the world becomes.

This video reminded me that maybe we are too harsh on ourselves. We say people harm the world and destroy the planet, and this is true to some extent. But people are also the only species who would do something like this, who would help a dehydrated bumblebee.

From all the species on our planet, we are the only ones who fight for the love of other species, who shelter animals, who care for them, feed them, keep them safe, love them. We are the only ones who have hospitals for animals. So maybe we are not that bad.

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<All life is precious, be kind and help beings smaller than you>