SHOCKING! THIS Real Life “Game” Using Social Pressure will Make You OBEDIENT to ANY Government!


I must admit. After watching this video I was SHOCKED. Not just because of how disturbing the whole thing is but also, the freaking brilliance. I started researching, hoping that the information may just be a false call, however, I discovered it’s true.

About The Video:

We all use Facebook, right? We slowly became addicts. We use Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest, Youtube, Google + and other social media. We buy online, we search for information online.. the internet is a playground for us which we use to be who we want to be.

The reason why we pretend on social media so much is the Social Credit. We build our social accounts in a way to be socially accepted. We feed with likes and comments and number of friends. We do this because social pressure is something essential in the human psyche driving us towards social acceptance.

In other words, we don’t want to be rejected and alone. That’s why we tend to follow the norm, the sub norm, or anything that makes us feel like we belong in a group.

But what if SUDDENLY there was a “game” a live game integrated on all of the social media, giving you points for your Social Credit? This game measures your activity, your shares, your friends, what you buy online, what you search. Based on this information you gain points and you level up. Sounds fun, right?

Yeah.. fun sinister laugh

What if this game rewards how trustworthy citizen you are based on your level of obedience. If you share something bad about the government you lose points and if you share something good you gain. If you buy only videogames online you lose points because by the algorithm you are an idle human being. And you are measured not only by this but also your interests and what you search online.

AND THIS IS NOT EVERYTHING. If you have friends who have a profile with low number of points you also lose points, just by being friends with them.

So what, right? Who cares how many points you have.

But what if (this is the final “but what if” in this article, I promise) as much points you have as better your life is?

The high number of Social Points gives you real life benefits like easier to get paperwork you need to travel, or easier to get a loan, reservation, advantage before other people in many real life situations, coupons etc.

However, if you have a lower score than the normal you may get penalties like slower connection of internet, or restriction from applying to certain jobs.

AND NOTE THIS: China have not just created a game like this, but made a law to make this game mandatory in 2020.

This raises a couple of questions:

Will the world accept a dystopia because of fun and social pressure?

How free we actually are right now? How many people shut their eyes on terrible things because of Social Pressure?


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