These 3 NON-ACTIONS Are The REAL Secret Behind Life Mastery!


If you ever asked yourself “What’s the point of life?” congratulations, you are a normal human being. We all feel lost from time to time. I still get angry, and sad, and drunk of happiness and sometimes I lose control. It’s completely normal.

That’s a part of learning and growing, a part of the human life experience. Only when you are lost you “empty your cup” and gain a unique possibility to start clean, to become anything you want.

Compared to The Universe or even The Earth, humanity is just a glimpse in time. Like a wave, everything passes and becomes the ocean again. Nothing lasts forever. Money, power, evil, good, cities, civilizations… it’s all just a passing thing.

Knowing this can truly shake you up and make you feel even more confused. However, knowing this can also liberate you to truly live. And now we come to the main point of this article which is life mastery, the secret many awakened teachers knew.


What is Life Mastery?Life Mastery

Life mastery, before anything else, is understanding what truly being alive means.

It is being aware of the present moment, awaken and in line with your purpose.

And finally, life mastery is moving without resistance, struggle or effort.

This may sound strange at first. I mean who can possibly achieve this state of being, right? However, many humans did and they said it is actually a natural state of being, it comes naturally, all you have to do is awaken from the illusion.


How to Awaken from “The Illusion”?How to Awaken from The Illusion

What many call the “Illusion” is actually another word for the pointless game we play as society chasing money, material possessions, status, freedom, value and answers when all of those things are irrelevant for the larger picture.

Like we said, everything passes. Everything changes. And, everything you seek outside of yourself you can only find inside yourself. So, by logic, seeing it like this it is truly pointless.Sub-Obj Model

Even more, time is also a part of this illusion. The past is just a series of thoughts you think based on something that happened. It doesn’t really exists does it? And your thoughts are based on your perception which you know, it does not perceive the complete picture of what happened.

The future is also just series of thoughts, something you think is likely to happen but no one really guarantees that it will. It doesn’t really exists does it?

It’s all your mind. It’s how your mind translates the changes that happen to your consciousness, that’s what time really is for us.

And if you update your consciousness with this information, if you realize the now is all there is and ever will be, your mind will alter the way it translates change.Wu-Wei-04


The Art of Wu WeiWhat is Wu Wei

Ancient Chinese were the masters of this art and they called it “Wu Wei” which translates to non-doing. This concept is extremely important to the teachings of Taoism.

They believed when a warrior achieves a state of “Wu Wei” they use the full capacity of their potential and talent.

Only when you are free from regrets and plans your consciousness is fully present in the now. Only then you can achieve the full potential of your consciousness.

In a way this is the art of awakening and being awakened truly means living in 5D.

The past and the future meet in the now. The pieces you thought were missing for you to be who you want to be are in your hands. You are complete and awakened. That’s when you truly start living and following your purpose.



How to Achieve Life Mastery?

There are 3 GOLDEN non-actions which if you follow correctly you will achieve life mastery.


The 1st non-action is: TRUSTThe REAL Secret Behind Life Mastery FAITH

Trust in the force only you can understand. The force deep inside you which protects and guides you. You do not have description for this force but you can sense it. Surrender and let the divine will to act through you.

Surrendering does not  mean giving up but moving out of your own way. This will give you immense amount of courage to take action and only through this type of assertive courage you will flow without the disruptions of fear.

Positivity will fill you up because TRUST will secure your consciousness from drifting into the future.


The 2nd non-action is: APPRECIATEThe REAL Secret Behind Life Mastery APPRECIATION

Appreciation is the key to shine light into your Universe. You are a simple human in The Outer Universe. However, you are The God of your Inner Universe. The story you keep on telling yourself is what makes up your Universe.

The story is based upon your perception of your memories. Appreciation can shift this perception and make the story immensely more beautiful and positive. How to change your perception? Gratitude!

Be grateful for what you have. There are many things we take for granted. Try to find them and be grateful for them. Make a list if you need to but make sure you truly see what you are blessed with.

Appreciation opens a door for your compassion and love. You will forgive others and yourself more easily. It gives you calmness and inner peace. You will feel like when outside is pouring and you are drinking warm tea at your home.

APPRECIATION will protect your consciousness from wandering into the past and regretting things that do not exist anymore.


The 3rd non-action is: BEThe REAL Secret Behind Life Mastery BE

Such a simple thing yet we constantly fail at it. It is funny. All we have to do is just be. But we complicate things following lies based on fear and doubt. That’s why it is crucial to start meditating and raise above the noise and barriers of your mind.

Connect with the simplest essence of you that is just being. Doing this will give you presence and you will awaken in the now. The less illusions you have, the more realizations arise because you become grounded in the only reality there is – the eternal now.

Being awakened gives you focus and clarity of your life. You tap into the infinite resourcefulness of your mind and instead of being its slave you learn how to use and work with it. There are endless possibilities and you are aware of your potential to choose and act upon.


ConclusionWu Wei

Even though this is shown as a teaching which follows 3 steps, it is actually one state of mind created by TRUST, APPRECIATION and BEING.

TRUST and APPRECIATION keep your consciousness in the present and BEING uses it to tap into its full capacity.

Mastering this art is not just knowing this. The state of “Wu Wei” should come naturally to you.

However, start small and practice these 3 non-actions each day. Sooner or later you will master the art of non action.

If you want more tips, tricks and hints ask in the comments below.


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