“Do You Believe in God?” – Neil deGrasse Tyson Gives THE MOST Enlightened ANSWER…


I think this is the ULTIMATE question; Is there a higher entity, a God? It sure is one of the oldest and most argued questions in history.

The one thing we have twisted along the way is this: Whatever we believe in does not need us to believe in it, WE need to believe in something to survive. That’s a part of humanity. We need to have faith in something just like we need to eat and drink water.

This being said, just like you are free to eat from what cuisine suits you most, you are free to believe in whatever religion you find closest to your heart. Watch the video and you’ll hear, in my opinion, the most enlightened answer from one of the greatest minds today, Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Do You Believe in God?

No matter what religion you are the rules of The Universe are the same to all of us, gravity works no matter what you believe in.

We need to base our governments upon values we ALL agree on and work together for our mutual growth and benefit.

Proving what we believe in is pointless because “the bible shows us how to go in heaven not how the heavens go”.

And at the end of the day you eat to survive not to prove that your diet is the most right.

Find your own way to heaven but follow the values that the human spirit honors.

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<You are free to believe in whatever you feel to just as long as you honor the values of the greater spirit we all form as humanity>