3 INCREDIBLE Tricks to Become The Master of Your Emotions!


As we go through our day it is inevitable to stumble upon some stressful emotions. I know how irritating can be. You go by your day, you are pumped up and productive and BAM.. something throws you outside the tracks.

Emotions, both “negative” and “positive” are a natural part of our life. However, like Fire and Water, our Emotional and Mental being oppose each other. If, however, we learn to tame these 2 horses there is NOTHING in the world we cannot accomplish.

Even though emotions are a crucial part of being a human, sometimes they can interfere with our mind and cause us to make a wrong decision.

What do you do if a fire evaporates your water? You face the fire with more water and calm it down. I am gonna show you 3 INCREDIBLE tricks to become THE MASTER of your emotions in situations you need to control yourself the most. I’ll give you more water so you can calm your fire when it starts to rage.


Trick 1. Speak in third person.Incredible Tricks to Become The Master of Your Emotions - Speak in Third Person

Next time when you are thrown outside the tracks quickly get back on your path by speaking in third person about yourself.

This trick enables your consciousness to perceive the situation as it happens to someone else and the intensity of your emotions upon your consciousness minifies.

By doing this you are distancing yourself from your Emotional being. Like this your emotions will never cloud your judgment when you need to make an important decision or quickly steer yourself back to your original daily plan.


Trick 2. Ground yourself by using the “5 to 1” technique.Incredible Tricks to Become The Master of Your Emotions - Grounding Yourself

No matter how conscious you are about your emotions there are some that just strike you like a lightning. This type of emotions are subconscious.

They are deeper and stronger, they hit like a wave and even though you will become conscious about what you feel, until the wave passes there is nothing you can do except stand firm and not let it wash you away.

You can do this by grounding yourself. There is a quick grounding technique you can do anywhere and it is called “5 to 1”. It is quite interesting really.

All you have to do is to look around you and:

The 5 to 1 technique to grounding yourself

– Find 5 things you can see and name them in your mind;

– Find 4 things you can touch and gently feel their surface;

– Find 3 things you can hear and focus on hearing them;

– Find 2 things you can smell and really try to smell them;

– Find 1 thing you can taste and fully enjoy the sensation;


This helps with anxiety attacks and when you feel like you have lost all control over your surroundings.


Trick 3. Breathe from left to right and vice versa;Incredible Tricks to Become The Master of Your Emotions - Anxiety Breathing

Stress is a part of life. If you try to escape it you’ll find yourself being more stressed than you normally would have been. This is why we must learn to manage it.

Because we are 1 part animal we have instincts which react according to our surroundings. These instincts are protective mechanisms but in today’s society they can be triggered by non life threatening situations, like a simple argue or a loud noise. Our body produces fight or flight chemicals to help us defend ourselves if we are in a life threatening situation.

All of this fills up our stress-bar and at the end of the day we feel like we have been surviving in the wilderness for a week.

This simple trick to empty your stress-bar is extremely effective and the best thing is it’s quick and you can do it anywhere.

Simply close your right nostril and inhale through your left. Close your left nostril and exhale fully through your right. Inhale deeply through your right nostril and exhale fully through your left by closing the right and releasing the left. Inhale deeply through your left and repeat the cycle for 2 to 3 minutes.

Incredible Tricks to Become The Master of Your Emotions - Anxiety Breathing

Use this GIF to help you with the tempo.


ConclusionLearn to balance your emotions

Our mind can be our harshest prison in which we drown or a golden key which opens any door we desire.

Our heart can be an indescribable source power or a fire that scorches everything.

Neither 1 of them is really YOU. You are the one who needs to learn how to control and balance them.


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<Do not fight fire with fire, learn to control it and use it>