Everyone Failed to Ride THIS Bicycle! When you UNDERSTAND WHY, The way YOU SEE The World will Change!


You may wonder how riding a bicycle has anything to do with the way you see The World.

It’s alright, I was also wondering.

But then, I saw this video and I realized something extremely important!

The way we SEE The World:

We usually get stuck into our own outlook of The World. What this means is that we believe the way we see The World is the way everyone does.

Of course this happens once we grow up and start being all serious about staff. But do not blame yourself for this, we all do it, and the reason is also biological.

You see, when we are little kids our brain plasticity is a lot higher than when we grow up. This means that when we are little kids we can learn anything, from speaking another language to riding a bicycle much faster than an adult trying to achieve the same thing for the first time.

Have you ever tried to teach an old person something new, or even change their opinion on something? Good Luck!

Having lower level of plasticity is the main reason why we lose the wonder a little child sees all around.

Our brain sends information through the same neural pathways over and over again for years, and we get used to seeing the world through these “glasses”.

But that’s just our point of view. The World has an infinite number of ways to be seen and be experienced.

An engineer, a fisherman, a cop and an artist all see The World VERY differently from each other. Very differently! If they borrow each other’s brains for just a little bit.. they would probably die but if it was possible, they would feel like they changed realms.

The good news is that even when we grow up there is still some plasticity left in our brain and this is enough to learn new things every day, and discover new ways to look at The World.

This video teaches us something VERY important.. well a couple of things. Very important things!

First, knowing something and understanding something are 2 different things. Understanding is beyond knowledge. To understand how something TRULY works you must experience it. You must actually be a part of the process, literally by redesigning your brain’s neural pathways to fit the process and excel.

Second, like it or not, you look at the world through a specific set of biases. We all do. The World looks different for each and every single one of us. Truth is truth.

And last but not least, we can all change the way we see the world. We can do this by learning new things, exploring new areas and keeping our minds open. We can create whatever outlook of the world we want. It may take some time but the journey is fun.

It’s just like installing a new program in your computer.

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<Be open to new experiences, keep your brain plasticity high, do not imprison yourself with one boring outlook towards The World. There are so many ways to SEE The World>