SUPERHUMAN: How Davin Infinity and his Team of Superhumans Change The World ?


As you probably know by now, I seek Super Humans who actively do a positive change to The World and make it a better place to live in, with more LOVE and WONDER in it.

These Super Humans are the future’s real Superheroes who will design the 5D Earth and the thing is YOU are also one of them it’s just the question if you have discovered your Inner Superpower.

If you have and if you do something with it to honor the True Light of Humanity, contact me.

If not do not worry. In a couple of days I will be launching the Super Hero Academy here on Life Coach Code which will guide you to discover your Superpower and become a Super Human in a TRULY ENTERTAINING and FUN way.

It will be awesome and if you want to know more about it read this article.

Discovering Super Humans is easier than you think. They are everywhere, you just need to SEE them and UNDERSTAND what they are actually doing.

I was lucky enough to become friends with probably one of the most creative souls on Earth. His name, or as this Super Human calls himself, is Davin Infinity.

I SAW the work he is doing and I was amazed. Davin and his friends are doing some incredible Super Human work to raise the consciousness of The World and make it a more magical and EPIC place to be.

I decided to make an interview with him so he can explain a little further about their work.

1. Tell me something about yourself, Real name, how old are you, what you do for a living, what you’ve studied.. just a short bio

Davin Infinity 2Davin Skonberg (aka Davin Infinity) is my real name. I am the Founder & Creative Director of Creative Energy Agency in business development and storytelling for game changing organizations and entrepreneurs.

I also spent the last 18 years traveling the world, training in several lineages of shamanism, martial arts and Mystery Schools.

I am an experienced and powerful metaphysical guide into the Quest of human potential and transformation.

This work is a major influence in my workshops and award winning visionary art and films, and my Awakening Freedom Foundation that has brought a new earth community and co-creation models of brilliance to the world.


2. What is your greatest passion, what is your unique talent and what gives you more energy when you do that thing?

My greatest passion is daily living embodiment of the Creative spirit itself. That energy which can create its own reality, solve problems, bring joy and inspire others – you know !


3. What makes you happy and what is love.. describe it in your own words.

Davin InfinityWhat makes me happy is being a part of loving communities and creative business projects where we get to collaborate and create something greater than the sum of our parts.

I also love the nature of the divine feminine. I am incredibly blessed and humbled to know hundreds of women who have reclaimed their empowered divine presence and help bring sensual and creative rapture back to the balance of our planet. They are great teachers of love.

Love is also in nature… so I spend a lot of time there every day.


4. Your fave movie, Tv Show, Superhero?

My 3 favorite movies are the Fountain, Lord of the Rings and Baraka. TV Show – the X Files. Superhero – Thor.


5. If money or any other obstacles haven’t existed, how would you help the world?

I would create an organization – a global community center like Damanhur that is a living example of the greatest human potential and its connection to the living universe, the ancient traditions and the future of our children…. and I would travel the world with allies from this community and offer global tours consisting of live performances, concerts, workshops and art shows that give people a deeper sense of hope and purpose.


6. Do you have your own fruit, product created by your talent’s passions and vision?

Yes I have self published 10 full color books and manuals on our human potential : ( such as New Earth Creation, A Guide to Eternity, the Majestic Earth ), and have created 3 full length films on the same nature.

I have also created over 50 products as the Creative Director for others that are out in the world.


7. Tell me something more about the work you do with the other Superhumans.

Davin Infinity with Wonder WomanThere is this growing network of new paradigm emissaries who have backgrounds in advanced mystery school training, martial arts, super-cognitive health technology like super foods, shamanic plant medicines, float tanks and brain entrainment tools using advanced sound & light frequencies.

Combine these tools with adventure and adrenaline sports like snowboarding, skydiving, surfing that put you face-to-face with the power of nature and our human body interface, and you have a potent elixir of real life super-human training.

A great example are my friends David Beaudry, Andrew Morrissey & Jami Deva who have created a movement that explores our hidden superpowers – its called Universal Heroes. Check it out !


8. What matters the most for YOU?

To remember every day who I am. A divine child of the eternal sun – the life force of creation.

A free human being unified to an entire human race living on an amazingly beautiful planet.

And no corrupt government, corporation or media can implant me with any other reality.


9. What is/are your Vision, Mission, Goals?

My vision, mission and goals are all working towards what I call “New Earth Creation”. This body of work that I have dedicated my life to.


10. How do you SEE The World in 100 years?

I see the world as connected to a deeper purpose of freedom from lack, limitation and separation. And in this creative living in the future – technology, education, health and society will be giving birth to new cultures and movements more rapidly.

These rapid narratives will be created to oppose the rapid rate which we are destroying the earth and our children’s minds.

We have consumed half of the planets resources in just 60 years of 3 generations of industrial-capitalistc “growth”.

The level of tragedy and triumph we will be up against in the near future will rapidly mutate our DNA – that is why you see all of these intuitive Science Fiction writers making TV shows like Heroes and the Tomorrow People and tons of superhero movies like X-Men.

Its also why Disney, the largest and most creative entertainment company in the world bought the Marvel Comics franchise. They know where things are headed in storytelling and real magic happening in our reality.

Our imagination is our freedom. Love and creativity is the expression of this freedom.

So for a hopeful future to emerge, we must all see that we are interconnected to each other and the Earth.

And when we embody this – our DNA and our human abilities naturally change.

The ancient wisdom traditions knew this.


11. What is your “Superpower”?

Creativity … simply put…. I never turned my superpower off in my teens or adult life to meet the expectations of a corrupt society. My creative life force is strong and I share it with others daily.


12. How can others join your Superhuman work?

Connect with me on social media, get involved with our community projects, come to a workshop, take an online course (New Earth Emissary Academy or with Creator Course), or hire my company to create a super heroic series of graphic design, marketing or video for their dreams to come to life and their business to flourish.


13. Choose your own Superhero Name

Djedi LightWell it was given to me a while ago in a series of ceremonies and initiations ::: Infinity.

But I want to come up with one just now : : :  Djedi Light

If you want to find out more about the work Djedi Light is doing check this FREE Online Library he has created to give people access to Higher Knowledge.

I am also INCREDIBLY happy because I found another Super Human to join the collection of Super Humans I create on my website, Super Humans United.

If you think you have a story to share feel free to leave a comment or contact me on [email protected]

I love YOU all.


Superhuman: Djedi Light
Superpower: Embodiment of The Creative Spirit
Talent: Creativity
Energy: Tuning to The Creative Spirit
Quote: “Our imagination is our freedom. Love and creativity is the expression of this freedom.”
Category: CREATOR