23 AWESOME Habits to Make Each Day Your Masterpiece!


Sometimes I get an urge to scream just so other people will listen more. I like to show them how much they miss every day, how much they can do in each day.

I want to make them realize how easy is to make each day your masterpiece if you just get your head above that negative cloud.

It is nobody’s fault, it’s just our Nature to get used to some routine and forget about the magic of life. We all do this mistake sooner or later.

We get a job and our race with time starts. It seems like no matter what we do or how efficient in completing our tasks we are, time is always a step ahead of us.

It is a real torture and struggle to keep up isn’t it?

Even worse is the accumulation of BRILIANT ideas we get and leave them to fade away because we are racing and have no time to invest in them.

This is not because we lack time! It’s because we delay time! We try to save time for some other days by trying to do as much as we can today.

We think of time as a measurable value where it is our own unique perception that tells the value our time will have.

We live in time! We cannot be faster and we cannot save it. We will always lose the race because we are not doing what we truly LOVE.

Once you start doing what you TRULY love doing time will seize to exist and you’ll gain control again, you will start making masterpieces of each day.

I decided to help you by choosing the best, most freaking, AWESOME habits you can do each day to make it a masterpiece.

These 23 habits will not take you more than a quarter of your day but they will give you a whole LIFE in each hour.

Instead of going back to sleep in the morning scream with your whole capacity “Yeaaaaah!” – 3 seconds

Scream YEAAAAAAAH!It’s morning. You wake up. The first thought that comes to your mind is “I want to relax all day in my bad” and you probably fall back to sleep.

Stop doing this! Once you are awaken to have a conscious thought your body got the rest it needed.

Instead, take a deep breath and scream with your whole capacity having an emotion that today is YOUR DAY!

Stretch in the morning! – 1 minute

Stretch in the morningOnce you get up do a quick stretching.

Try to touch the ceiling, try to touch your toes, try to move away your hands as far as they can move away from each other, try to see your bottom from the both sides.

These will take you no more than a minute but it will stretch your body as much as it needs after that long, nightly sleep.

Dance as soon as you wake up! – 5 minutes

Dance as soon as you wake up make each day your masterpieceYou are awaken. A new day is here for you. Celebrate!

Forget about everything you need to do and put a song that makes you wanna dance. Create a playlist for this I would suggest. This is the playlist I have created.

Click Play and start dancing! It doesn’t matter how, just move with your body the way your body wants to move and close your eyes. Free yourself! You have NO. I. DEA. how AMAZING it feels.

Watch yourself in the mirror, smile for 20 seconds and say to yourself “You are AWESOME!” – 29 seconds

Smile in the mirrorAfter you dance and celebrate life you’ll probably go in the bathroom to wash your face and teeth.

Do that. After you are finished with the morning hygiene look yourself in the mirror and smile as hard as you can for 20 seconds.

This is an AWESOME cheat to make your brain produce “happy” chemicals in your body as it will think you are laughing. Say to yourself “You are AWESOME!” because, well.. you are!

Hug, Hug, Hug! – 12 seconds

Hug Hug HugIt doesn’t matter who, your family, girl/boy friend, roommates, the old lady living across you, everyone desperately needs a hug each day.

Be their HERO! Stop waiting for life to give you what you want and give what you want to life first. This is the secret to getting whatever you want from life because in life you first need to give and then you will receive.

How? Well giving them a hug isn’t getting a hug yourself? And remember when I said “everyone desperately needs a hug each day”.

Say “Thank You” to your food! – 29 seconds

Say Thank YouHaving your first meal the first hour and a half after you wake up is very important for establishing a healthy diet.

However, no matter what meal you eat in your day spare 5 to 10 seconds to say “Thank You!” to all the ingredients on your plate.

Each ingredient had its own unique frequency to collect such atoms in that exact pattern to give you that exact taste, nutrients and energy. The ingredients honor you with their energy and you honor them by continuing their existence through you and using their energy. Say thank you not because you must, but because you don’t need to say it and you still choose to be such a beautiful frequency.

Drink a delicious and healthy smoothie! – 10 minutes

Drink a delicious smoothieAfter your meal, hour and a half or 2 later, you’ll start craving for something to snack.

Instead of eating junk food and junk snacks, use this craving to give your body the daily dose of fruits and veggies it needs through a delicious smoothie.

You’ll enjoy every single sip of it, you’ll be healthier and you’ll feel a lot more energy to continue your day.

Walk in Nature! – 10 minutes

Walk in NatureWhen you go to work or if you have a spare time in the morning, go out without your car and walk.

Walk among Nature.

Skip out of your routine path and choose to walk in Nature. Take 10 minutes to feel the Nature alive all around you and you’ll get the freshness no coffee can give to you.

Say to as many people as it feels Natural “Have an amazing day!” and mean it! – 15 seconds

Greet people make each day your masterpieceOn your way to work or when you are just walking in Nature greet everyone you have an urge to greet.

We are, for some reason, ashamed to speak to one another. We are ashamed to look or greet one another despite the deeper emotion to do all of that and love one another instead of being strangers.

Be courageous to be honest with yourself and greet the people you feel like greeting. Look them straight in their eyes, smile and say “Have an amazing day!” and mean it because you are!

Eat a healthy snack after lunch! – 2 minutes

Eat seeds and nuts make each day your masterpiece2 hours after lunch you will crave for food again.

Instead of eating dinner then or eating some junk, get a handful of nuts and give your body the daily need of nuts and seeds it needs.

Chill for 2 minutes and snack. Leave dinner for later because early dinner means you’ll roam around your refrigerator in the am hours.

Imagine your perfect life as perfect as you can make it be! – 7 minutes

Your Perfect Sanctuary and LifeSit down or lie in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take a couple of deep breaths and relax your body. Start imagining what your perfect life looks like.

Think about every little detail. What you do, how your house looks like, the scenery from your bedroom, the comfort of your bed, the looks of your husband or wife, your car, your boat, how the sun shines, how your garden looks and smells like.. be as detailed as you can be.

Now push your imagination even further and imagine even more perfect life. Bath in the AWESOME feeling you’ll get. After you open your eyes you’ll still feel the same feeling which is a sign that the reality you imagined is possible.

Listen to an audio book that will teach you a skill you always wanted to know! – 20 minutes

Listen to an audiobook make each day your masterpieceThere is so much we can do to use the technology we have today for AWESOME things.

You must have something you always wanted to learn, some skill or subject you always wanted to dig deeper into but you thought you have no time for it.

There are audio books for almost every hard cover and online book. Choose what you wish to learn, go to Audible.com, get it and start listening to it on your way to work, while you exercise, in the mornings, while you cook or at night before you go to bed.

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Read 36 pages from a book you always desired to read! – 32 minutes

Read a book make each day your masterpieceDespite listening to an audio book, reading a book is always better because you are painting the design of another sub consciousness with yours.

All you need is 32 minutes of your 24 hours to relax and read. You can do this while you are getting ready for your mid day nap.

Get a book you always desired to read. Get an author you were always fascinated by or a story that made you believe in wonder. Start reading and get excited.

Play a game you find to be very fun! – 45 minutes

Play VideogamesIf you don’t have time for games throw your TV away because you don’t need it. Or don’t get so dramatic and stop watching TV, it fills you with negativity.

Buy a gaming console and get some games you always wanted to play. Spare 45 minutes, no less no more and enjoy the AWESOMENESS!

Video games are much more than just games, a lot of them actually have an AMAZING story and they can teach us a lot. If you are not a big fan of gaming, buy a board game, call some friends and have a great time.

Write your own diary and make it in a unique form or a comic! – 9 minutes

Write a dairy make each day your masterpieceA lot of successful people, if not all had their diaries. A psychological study has confirmed something a lot of diary writers always said, that writing a diary is consciously observing your EGO.

Our EGO is the hero we play this reality with and observing it enables us to see our weaknesses and work on them. It also makes us get to know ourselves in a more intimate way.

Be a badass and do this in your own, creative way. Introduce a little fun in this old fashioned process. Make your diary in a form of a comic and be the main hero who saves the day or the villain who tries to do good deeds. Get creative!

Meditate! – 10 minutes

Meditate make each day your masterpieceIf you don’t have 10 minutes free time in your day to meditate, meditate for 20 minutes.

In a state of meditation you can find answer to any question. It is a TRUE SUPERPOWER we all have but just some of us use it.

It happens that those “some of us” were the greatest people who shaped the history and the world we live in today.

Drink green tea in the morning and black coffee in the afternoon! – 11 minutes

Drink Green Tea and Black Coffee make each day your masterpieceThe best time to drink tea is in the morning, after you wake up, with or after your breakfast. I suggest you to drink green tea as it is very healthy and you give your body health in the morning.

The best time to drink coffee is after your afternoon nap. You refresh your mind with a 30 to 45 minute nap and you make yourself a nice, black, delicious, warm coffee.

Enjoy every sip with the people you love.

Create your own safe place with pictures of everything you LOVE and play there! – 25 minutes

Create your own safe place make each day your masterpieceSurf the net and find images of every single thing you can think of that you are a fan of. Print every single image that makes you happy, every scenery you would love to visit and experience, every superhero, TV Show, movie, actor/actress, singer, animal, every quote that motivates or inspires you, every piece of your dream that some images remind you.. print everything that suits your FREQUENCY.

After you have the images find a place which will be only for you. Design it the way you want, place the images and create a safe energy. Stop thinking logically and let your creative mind build the place.

Let it be your sanctuary and spend 25 minutes each day there doing whatever you feel like doing without having a worry in the world. Let that place be free of right and wrong, whatever you do there is alright.

Watch a comedy or YouTube videos that make you laugh from your heart! – 21 minutes

Watch comedy make each day your masterpieceThere are countless of TV Shows that will make you laugh so hard that your abs will start to hurt.

The TV Show industry is getting just better and better so choose a couple of comedy TV Shows and watch 1 episode each day. I suggest Friends, South Park, Family Guy, Modern Family and Community.

If you don’t like watching TV Shows there is always YouTube. Find channels that upload comedy videos and watch for 21 minutes each day. I suggest FailArmy, VitalizDTV, Whatever, RomanAtwood and Pewdiepie.

Express your artistic side and create something! – 45 minutes

Create somethingNo matter who you are or what you think you are talented for you are an artist.

We are all artists. That’s what humans are. We are the artists of The Universe and we are here to create stories through art.

Paint a picture, write a book, make a sculpture, Photoshop something, make a program or an app, play an instrument, write a poem or a song, edit a video, film something, take pictures with your camera, design clothes.. create your own fruit and share it with the world.

Play one of your favorite songs and sing no matter if you don’t know the lyrics! – 4 minutes

Silly singing make each day your masterpieceWe are serious too much time of the day.

Seriousness is lame. Be better than that. Be silly for 4 minutes and sing your favorite song no matter how bad you sing or how wrong you sing the lyrics. Being courageous to be silly is badass!

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Post something funny on Facebook and make others laugh! – 12 seconds

In a Parallel UniverseOne of the greatest gifts you can give to someone is laughter. Can you remember how AWESOME you felt when you made others laugh?

The newsfeed on Facebook is filled with negativity and superficial, “bathroom-duck-face” images. Enrich others’ experience on Facebook by sharing something you laughed at. Share something positive, an image or a video from YouTube.

We are the designers of the internet. With every single image we share we design the energy of the virtual world. Be one of the light givers and make others laugh. You will feel incredible with every like and comment knowing that because of you, someone, even if it’s just 1 person, has a better day.

Read an article on Life Coach Code and share it if you really like it! – 3 minutes

Life Coach Code Facebook CoverLife Coach Code will ALWAYS give its content for free. That’s our policy. We are uploading a new article every day following a sacred pattern, one even alchemists used to create awesomeness.

Through our articles, which are fun and easy to read, you are improving all 4 of your pillars, Spiritual, Mental, Physical and Emotional, through enjoyment and fun!

Spend 3 minutes every day to read our daily CODE and UPDATE your FREQUENCY. We know it is self-promoting but we are that confident how much we can actually help you be the best version of yourself you can be! Are you not feeling slightly better now, reading this article? You are always welcome AWESOME reader!

TOTAL TIME OF AWESOMENESS – 4:21:36 – Four hours, twenty one minutes and thirty six seconds


There is SO MUCH we can do each day to make it an amazing adventure. Once we detach ourselves from the energy draining routine and start focusing on feeling AWESOME everything will fall into place.

We are scared to lose control and face the uncertainty. Once we surrender to life and stop getting in our own way EVERYTHING WE ALWAYS LOVED will be given to us.

All we need to do is be our best FREQUENCY without attaching a gain factor to it. We are who we are because it feels right for us. There should be no other reason for being who we are.

We are simply painting a picture with the color we think it would make the picture more AWESOME, as simple as that.

Implement these 23 habits in your daily schedule. Try it if you are skeptical. Try it for 1 day and see how you’ll feel.

Maybe not all of them will work for you. The key element is to be honest with yourself. Through honesty you’ll find your own, custom made habits that make your day more AWESOME.

Maybe you already know some awesome habits that will make our days even better.

I would be honored if you share your awesome habits in the comments below.


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That’s how you will help me write even more awesome articles.

That’s how we’ll make the world a better place.

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<Implement all of the 23 habits in your daily schedule and you’ll spend 4 hours creating awesomeness and making masterpiece from each of your days>