Brilliant Video Shows What It Takes To Face Your Fears


What can we accomplish if we are free from the fear stopping us to do what we love? Can you even imagine?

Every single one of us has a LOVE drive towards something! Each of us has a talent and a potential to change the world. What is stopping us than?

1 Word, 4 letters and many forms. FEAR. This concept is the only evil in this world and ironically it doesn’t even exist in it. It exists inside our own inner world.

What we are afraid of is only an attachment of what we link FEAR with. If there is no enemy within there will not be enemy without.

The world desperately needs a remedy for fear, a cure to free the world from fearing itself.

However, there is something inside of us that is the remedy for fear. We had this power all along. It is our hero, the characterization of courage deep inside of us.

Fear stops us from doing so many things, from achieving IMPOSSIBLE, from creating heaven on earth but fear sometimes goes too far and we cannot tolerate being afraid anymore.

Come_at_me_broThis is when WE show our teeth. This is when WE start barking. This is when we look fear in the eyes and say “well come on bro!”

We should not wait for that moment. We should dare to be afraid! We should embrace fear and stop resisting.

This will show us that fear is but illusion in our mind, a product of doubt, a difference between our UNLIMITED POTENTIAL and our EGO.

We cannot afford to be afraid anymore. We must be courageous to face our fears and follow our heart. We must embrace who we are, take the responsibility and do what we were born to do!

Heart Points


<Dare to be afraid>