What is Magic? The Definite Answer !


What is magic? – Maybe the most ridiculous question that exists! Why? Well, you deserve an explanation before I throw this judgment in your face, so let me explain.

Let’s just say you go on a magic show, let’s call it “The Dance Of Life”. You enter the large room with seats and big stage where the show is about to start and you sit down ready to observe the tricks of the magician.

The show starts and the magician makes his entry. He slowly starts to introduce himself with a short story. He tells the story in an interesting way so you are not bored before “The Magic Starts”.

PieroMacGowan_DennisMoellers_StagedTheaterConceptYou feel comfortable, the show is interesting, you like to see the magic but there is still something in your head that makes you “keep your guard up”. There is something that makes you observe everything the magician does with one purpose, to find out how is he going to fool you.

The magician, of course, knows this. He uses this feeling of awareness to fool you. While you are busy generating almost every possible outcome from the things you see, the magician has already created the trick behind the curtains. He just makes you lead yourself to the trick.

Then suddenly BOOM, you experience the trick. You feel something, that feeling of “maybe everything is possible”, “maybe magic really exists”. The magician succeeded in fooling you, but, if he succeeded then why he doesn’t tell you how he did the trick?

The main question is did the magician really fooled you? – He fooled you as same as you fool someone when giving a beautiful wrapped up gift without telling them how much it costs you or what’s inside. That’s what creates the magic in the first place, the not knowing.

1555419_281191008696421_1787633775_nMagic exists my dear, badass readers, but it only exists if you let it flow. It only exists if you “put your guard down” and let it fill your curious heart.

The truth is, everything has an explanation. Every action has its own reaction and everything that we understand suddenly becomes simple.

But magic makes everything we don’t understand, everything that is so complex, FEEL simple without understanding what the hell is happening.

It makes us feel enchanted, powerful, motivated, inspired, so it is as REAL as the dreams you have, as the past you struggle with, as the plans you make and the music you listen to. The magician didn’t fooled you, he gave you “The Gift Of Magic”.

The magician is life, that’s why the show is called “The Dance Of Life”. Life shows us things we keep our attention to while he leads us to the trick, and when we least expect it, life will give us “The Gift Of Magic”.

6f3c7_9310a33684e3b958fbe9a6d399f811beb5934e90Almost every one of us experienced a situation when you think something magical happens. Let’s say you think of a person when suddenly the song that connects the both of you starts playing on the radio, like your personal theme music.

That’s when you feel the magic of life, through all the space and time it happened right there at that exact moment while you were thinking exactly that and it was that song from almost trillion songs.

The thing is magic happens all the time, but we feel it only when we “let our guard down” and start dancing with life. If not, life will find a way like a true magician to “fool” us.

What is Magic 2Magic happens while we dine with our family, while through all of the suffering in the world there is a joke that makes us laugh our ass off.

Magic happens when we forget everything for a little while and dance with our friends.

Magic happens when we do something so stupid even we laugh at ourselves.. magic happens when you have fun, when you dance with life.

So why is the question “What is magic?” the most ridiculous question that exists? The answer of that question will automatically destroy magic and then there will be no point in answering it.


We try to understand life not knowing that life is not meant to be understood. That destroys the magic of life. That’s why life seemed so magical when we were little kids and we didn’t know much, we enjoyed the magic show.


<What you do not understand but your heart feels is Magic>