Acceptance from Society – Why Do We Beat Up The Monkey on The Ladder ?


If the Nature of our Body is to survive, the Nature of our psychology is to be accepted. We always seek acceptance from society because, just like our Personal Body wants to grow the same way our Interpersonal Body wants to grow – by creating more relationships.

Our Personal Body is the “Driver” of our Lower Self, Our Interpersonal Body is the “Driver” of our Outer Self. Imagine your Outer Self as a unity of every relationship you have – the main power of your Outer Self is the Impact you have on other people. The strength of your impact is proportional to the amount and quality of your relationships.

I discovered the importance of this kind of power by being Life Coach Code‘s webmaster. One day I asked myself “If at any moment I want to share a message to the world, how many people will get that message?”


The Eye-Opening Realization

The Eye-Opening RealizationAs a Life Coach I want to help people. I discovered a way of seeing A Human unlike anyone in history till this day and wanting to share my discovery as pure as it is I realized that my voice may never reach as many people as I intent; it may never reach a 1000000th of the amount of people I intent.

This eye-opening realization made me work my way up – building quality relationships with as many people as I can so I can have a bigger influence on the world.

I have created a website and I discovered that building a quality website is actually A LOT harder than it seems.


Developing a Quality Website

Developing a Quality WebsiteAnyone can create a “Healthy Food” website and copy untested texts, already copied from another website that have copied from a quality website. When I am saying quality website I am talking about a website with a team focused only on what that website stands for – inventing, testing, researching subjects on their own.

Also, I have discovered that today we are million times more connected with each other though the World Wide Web than we were at any time in history. But, this “relationships” are with the lowest quality.

The lack of quality is the reason why we don’t have as great influence on the world as our connections should give us. There is very low amount of trust and emotional promotion – the essence of a quality relationship.

That’s why, even if having a quality website, it is hard to have a strong influence. People tend to have a little tolerance on trusting what they read on the internet and I don’t blame them. With so much bulls**t around the internet I wouldn’t trust my best friend’s texts.