You probably wonder what 101 means (it’s not about Dalmatians). 101 is a symbol and like any symbol it represents a meaning, a mix of emotions supporting an idea.

101 can be anything for you; it can be the number of girlfriends you had, the number of songs you know how to play on a guitar and, like me, it can be the numbers of articles you’ve written on your blog/website.

I’ve written 101 articles for Life Coach Code, well.. I am writing the 101st article at the moment and I got to tell you, it feels as exciting as the 1st one.

But what’s so special about 101, why not 100? First of all I want to explain why I choose to write a whole article on Life Coach Code about writing the 101st article on Life Coach Code (Life Coach Code-ception).

“Every great journey starts with a single step” – the saying goes. Everything we want to accomplish; every dream we want to fulfill; everything we want to become we build by putting one tile at a time.

Starting with my 1st article and now looking back from my 101st seems like a long journey, a journey I would have never started if I knew its difficulty. But, that’s the beauty of going towards the direction you want to be at.

When we focus on what we want, what we truly want from the depths of our soul, we blur everything in between. That’s all we need, that strong spiritual desire to be somewhere or become someone. That’s all we need to start walking that journey.

We don’t see its difficulty because we don’t focus on it. We focus on where our heart points and we just follow that rabbit not knowing how deep is the rabbit hole.

Our love for our dream is stronger than any possible fear we may stumble upon. Our love for our dream gives us courage to face those fears and go beyond them, to see that they are only illusions and move past them, to disable them from shifting our focus.

That action of facing our fears is what actually improves us; that is what creates who we want to become.

That’s Why We Need Fear. Fear is not bad! Fear is just a door, a filter that separates the brave ones from the cowards. Fear punishes the cowards and rewards the brave ones.

What we get from going beyond our fear is what we’ve always wanted, deep inside our heart. We may not be aware of that but the fact that we fear something is a proof that we love something that fear defends. That’s the other side of the coin.

Going beyond our fear gets us to the other side, where what we love is. We may not be aware of this but being afraid means loving something enough we are not able to face losing it.

But here is the trick. When we face our fear – the thing we think can rob us from what we love – we realize that we are a lot stronger to let something like that take away what we love. Realizing this we see fear as it really is, an illusion created by the doubt of our true potential.

We are stronger than we doubt ourselves to be and when we realize this we become worthy of having what we truly love because we are strong enough to defend it by ourselves, not with fear.

That’s the whole point of the journey, to face all of the fears and get to where you wanted to be. Going through all of that makes you a better person; it is an improvement customized only for your own needs. However, the journey doesn’t end there.

Life is a journey, there is no finish line or a start line, we just steer ourselves towards our desired destinations and that’s what we call “start-finish”. In reality there is no “start-finish”, there is no beginning or end, everything is continuous.

That’s why I choose to write about the 101st article instead of circling the 100th. I “started” this journey long before I wrote the 1st article and I’ll continue to walk it long after I finish writing 100 articles.

I’m not where I want to be but I am walking towards there with every single moment. I have reached certain places I wanted to reach, I became who I wanted to become but there is always something more.

There is always somewhere else, there is always another segment you want to improve of yourself an that’s the greatness of this never ending journey. There is always another dream to fulfill.

101 is a symbol of walking towards your dreams and knowing that there is no finish line.

P.S. My dear friend started his own website recently. He is more focused in teaching the art of success by writing articles on his website Simple Capacity. I believe that he will too reach his “101” soon. Slowly but steady we keep growing and becoming The League of Websites that will change the world. We will change the world but only through you my loving readers, only if you unlock your hidden potential through our messages.


<Choose your 101 and keep walking>