6 “Piece of Cake” Ways to Deal With Anger


I have 6 “Piece of Cake” ways for you to deal with anger. As a Life Coach and the writer of Life Coach Code I have evaluated the 6 most effective ways to deal with anger. Learning how to deal with anger can be the best thing that you’ve ever done for yourself.

Like hammer, if wielded properly anger can be a tool for creating new and better things or, in the other hand, destroying everything it touches.

In psychology Anger is actually a positive emotion. You Can Learn More about What is Anger or how to deal with it through the next 6 “Piece of Cake” ways.


Your Anger:

1. Buy Time

More TimeIt is hard to take time and think when you are angry but if you manage to only take a deep breath and exhale slowly you’ll open a window to think clearly.

Put your shoulders down and you’ll stimulate your body to feel calmer. Try to count to 10 or Imagine Your Happy Place.

If you have the urge to throw or break something remove yourself from being surrounded with throw-able objects. If you feel like screaming feel free to do so, just make sure you are not disrupting other people.


2. Pour it on Something Else

Pour it on Something ElseIf you feel angry try to write about every detail; write how you feel, what made you feel that way, what would you rather feel – just write about everything you feel writing about.

If you know how to play an instrument start playing whatever your anger is telling you, maybe you’ll come up with your own song. Whatever you have passion for, try to channel your anger towards it.

Meet with a good friend and express your feelings. A good friend will listen to you without judging and will give you a great advice. Good friends know us maybe even better than we know ourselves. Make sure you return the favor whenever needed.


3. Exercise, Yoga and Meditation

Exercise Yoga MeditationChanneling your anger through exercise is very constructive way of dealing with it. Exercising releases feel-good chemicals in our bodies called endorphins which make us relaxed.

Practicing Yoga is one of the best ways to learn how to deal with your anger by challenging the physical aspects of anger like the chemicals your brain produces which prepare you for battle.

Meditation is Something You Need to Do no matter if angry or not. Meditation is a way of journeying through our Inner World and discovering something more about our feelings. There is no better way to find out what is really causing you to feel angry – what’s beneath the tip of the iceberg.


4. Be Open

Open Your HeartWhenever you feel angry start talking to other people about it. Say it, “I am angry”. We have a tendency to keep the anger in ourselves until it evolves into bigger anger which we are unable to control. Break this process by letting your feelings flow.

Start analyzing your anger. Ask yourself “What triggers my anger?”, “Why?”, “What signs tell me that I am on the brink of getting angry?”, “What works best to calm me down?”, “What habit can I implement in my daily routine to improve my skills of dealing with anger more constructively?”

Come up with a fun way to deal with anger like singing loudly, dancing or imitating your angry self with a funny accent. Let your emotions flow. Do what you feel like doing but there is no point in not having fun. Think about this. What is a fun way to deal with your anger? As a life coach, I like to bark like a dog 😀


5. Take Precautions

Healthy LifestyleStart living a healthier lifestyle. Exercise, eat a healthy diet, meditate and spend time with loved ones. People with strong Balance Between Their Pillars get angry less.

Start doing something that gives you energy – Discover Your Passion and start doing things that you are passionate about. Your passion is a glimpse of your Soul’s purpose, walking down this road is satisfaction guaranteed.

Do something good for others. Feeling that you are a part of something bigger and that you’ve made someone else happy will do wonders when you stumble upon a trigger for your anger. Just remember who you are.


Other’s Anger:

1. Avoid Their Anger

Avoid AngerAnger is very addict-able. When we see others angry we subconsciously tell ourselves “why should they be angry and we don’t”. We all have emotional baggage that we carry around with us.

Seeing someone else releasing theirs is a trigger for us to do the same thing, but fighting fire with fire equals bigger fire. Instead try to be the stronger man by avoiding this urge.

Use the tactics that work for you. Wait for the person to calm down a little and in the friendliest way tell them to try some of your tactics. Try them together and see if they work for them.

Tell them that anger is not always bad, that it may be actually very constructive if we manage to deal with it properly. Explain that anger is justified but it prevents us from seeing the bigger picture.

If you cannot anything then take yourself away from the angry person. No one deserves to be forced into negativity. If you get physically assaulted however, call 911 or if not possible defend yourself.

You see that for dealing with your own anger there are a lot more ways than dealing with other people’s anger. This is because your anger is only your responsibility and no one else is obligated to deal with it except you.

The worst enemy of progress is Apathy. Anger is always better than apathy because it opens the door of our Soul and lets energy flow in you.

This energy can be used for your own good, for creating something beautiful. Get Pissed Off for Greatness and start building bridges instead of destroying your own way towards success.


<To deal with other’s anger do whatever you can to bypass it or if it’s not possible try to avoid it, to deal with your anger try to buy time, pour it on something else, exercise, practice yoga, meditation, be more open and/or take precautions>