Why Do We Shout in Anger ?


One day, somewhere across the mountains of Tibet, a plane crashed. Only one man and one woman survived the crash. The man lost his voice.

Mountains SurvivingDays by days gone by and no one came to check if there were any survivors. There was little food and water from the other passengers.

After a couple of days the food was almost gone and the man was very weak. He didn’t want the woman to starve so he decided to search for food letting her eat the rest of it.

While he wandered around searching for food the man saw a group of Buddhist Monks walking near him.

Trying to shout for help he fell on his knees and started waving with his hands. His voice was completely gone.

Secret MonasteryOne of the Monks saw him. They took the man and the woman to the secret Buddhist Monastery where they lived.

A couple of days passed and the man was feeling better. He ate, he drank clean water, he washed himself under the waterfall but one thing stayed the same; he never got his speech back.

Having no one to return to, the man decided to stay at the Monastery. The woman wanted to leave but the Master of the monks told her that she cannot go alone.

“We go to the city every month. Wait 1 month and then you can go, if you leave now, alone, you will lose everything” he said.

She wanted to leave at first but when she remembered the horrors both her and the man faced when they were lost across the mountains she agreed to wait for one month.

“Alright, I’ll stay.” She said. “One more thing though. Why don’t you send someone to guide me along the road, now? I appreciate all you did for us but why do I have to wait a whole month?”

The Master“You don’t have to wait. But you will.” said The Master.

The woman didn’t understand what he meant. She didn’t want to cause any trouble or drama because of the respect she had for the people who saved them.

Both the woman and the man stayed. They were happy there. The place was peaceful, beautiful and there was more than enough food for everybody.

Through the time they spent there they grew very fond of each other. The woman loved the man but she was scared to tell him.

Whenever the man returned from teachings, she would prepare a delicious dinner. She told a lot of stories about her past, plans she had for her future. She was a very funny person, even she laughed at her own jokes.

The man would spend hours just listening to her and smiling. However, the man was unable to say even a word to her since he met her. He lost his voice after the crash.

As the days gone by, the woman ran out of things to say. Their conversation became smaller and smaller and in the last couple of days they would just sit and look at each other without saying a word.