Weight Management 103 – How To Endure


When you have all the knowledge for the weight management, when you have all the information, all the recommended pieces and tools, there is still one thing that misses and if you don’t have that piece, nothing will work.

Imagine a car, you know how to drive, all the parts work and they are in their right place. You are heading into the direction you want to go, but there is not enough fuel in the car.

Despite all the things that are in their right place, despite all your knowledge, you won’t arrive to your desired destination. The third key to the basics of weight management is exactly that missing fuel, the “how to endure” guide.


The Prologue

Before you start with everything from the weight management program, you need to set your mind into the right frequency of thinking. This means that you need to realize what will be ahead of you.

First thing that you need to realize is that weight management is not something that you work for, it is something that you work with. It is not a destination it is a road that leads to better life.

Weight management is not a process it is the operating system. You are working with weight management and you will continue to work with it and create whatever you like and you are able.

Before you start you need to know that dedication and discipline are everything when it comes to weight management. They will help you to make this way of living a habit. Make sure you work on these 2 key components.

The last thing you should know before you start is why are you doing all of this. What are your goals? What is the thing you will work for? Put that thing on a paper, put it somewhere it will remind you every day and show you what you really want. That is your true goal and the big picture for your effort.


The Beginning


Every beginning is hard. More of it is psychological, but it affects your mindset and will. How do we make sure we keep our will to keep on going?

It is not as simple as it may sound but all you need to do is change your thinking. Our thoughts are creators of our emotions, if we manage to control specific thoughts, then we’ll manage to control specific emotions.

Our feelings affect our lives more than we can imagine. If we create positive feelings, we perceive every situation from that point of view. If we create negative feelings than we see the world from that negative zone.

As we know every situation has both sides, good and bad. That is because, in nature, every situation doesn’t have a meaning until we, as conscious beings, give meaning. We, humans have both sides. We are both good and bad and our perception varies by what side we are leaning more to.

Here our emotions come to play. If we feel positive emotions, than we see through that good “glasses” in our mind and we feel like everything is alright. The same goes with negative emotions but now we see things through the bad “glasses”.

If we manage to control our thoughts, than we control our emotions. If we control our emotions than we control how we perceive the situations in our life. Therefore, we can try and think positive things about the beginning of our weight management.

The hardest part in the beginning is that “taking action” part. The things we do are still new to us and we have old habits that are hard to “kill”. What are we going to do to overcome this problem?

The problem usually appears just before we follow the steps. We always try to postpone or change what is necessary to do, with what will suite us more according to our old habits and laziness. What we need to do is to think of the future.

First thing you should do is to think on what you are going to get with this way of living. Think of your goals and dreams. Realize that if you continue with your old habits and lazy attitude, you’ll never get what you want. The only way is by following the steps you need to follow.

Sure, you’ll feel a lot better if you stay at home and watch some TV, or if you eat that greasy French-fries, but you will feel better only that moment, after that you will only regret your decision and feel bad about yourself.

You need to invest and sacrifice that short good feeling for much longer and better feeling that you’ll enjoy in the future. This kind of investment is the best investment you can make because you will certainly get more from it in the future.

If you manage to think like this and block all those negative thoughts that tell you to stop, than you’ll solve your problem with the beginning. After this, you will need to face the “Rising Action” part.


The Rising Action

This part is where you show how much you are going to change. It is something like speeding your car. You will raise your “speed” as much as you want to “drive” and as much as your “car” can.

The most important thing here is not to lose your balance. Most of us want to get us much as we can but we forget that we invest something in that process and that while we earn something we lose something else.

You need to know how “fast your car can drive” without getting out of control. Remember that you need fun as well. You need to live your regular life, to go to work, to go out, to eat cheat meals, but you also need to combine that with the weight management.

Balance is everything, but it is not easy. The hardest thing for a human is to say no to something he likes. If you are able to control your urges on some level, and act smart, than you will manage to balance your life.

There is a balancing technique and it is called “ANT ( Avoid Non-important Things ), you may find it useful for this problem. The technique is showing you how to choose what things to avoid and what things to enjoy. Its philosophy is based on ants.

Ants collect food all of the year so they can enjoy it and survive in winter when they are unable to get it. If you choose things smart, let’s say you workout all of the year, but you set a 20 day break each summer and winter so you can enjoy vacations without having guilt, than you haven’t lost anything you just postponed your “good time” in order to earn your body and muscles.

Despite investing smart, another problem that appears in this part is that “work for nothing” attitude. You give a lot of effort and you don’t get the results you deserve. Your will slowly drops and it may perish forever if you don’t change your attitude.

The biggest mistake you can make is to work for results. Work for the good “high” after the exercise or work for that peaceful rest at night, but don’t work for drastic results over night. Most of the results you’ll get won’t be able to be noticed by you. It is similar like when you are growing and only people who haven’t seen you in a while notice.

The changes are minimal day by day, maybe even microscopic. That is why you don’t stop, you keep on going until enough little changes combine to make one great, big change.

The best thing to work for is to make that work a habit. Work to stop feeling like you are working. That comes with time. Everything that you do continuously becomes a habit sooner or later.

Another thing you should do here is not to be afraid to push your limits. It is very important to keep the balance but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t push a little more. Many of us don’t know how much they are able to accomplish because they haven’t tried to push their limits a little further.

Our limits are set by us and what we accept from other people’s experience. If someone cannot accomplish something that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able too. We would have still hunt with bones if we never pushed our limits further. Only you, that real you deep inside your head can tell you what you can do and what you cannot, no one else.

One of the greatest pleasures in life is when someone says you can’t do something to say “watch me” and prove them wrong. It is very sweet feeling and “growing food” for your character.

After you “raise enough speed” it is time to stabilize and reach the climax which you will “drive” with. This is the next part of the story.


The Climax


Like every climax, this is the point where your work is highest and your outcome is also highest. This part should be the part you will work with from now on. This part is what you have been building till now.

The climax of your work should be also balanced with your everyday life so nothing is negatively affected. That way your outcome will be optimal. If you manage to create such climax, than you’ll be on the right way.

The trickiest thing in this part is to notice your climax, to notice when it’s enough and you should stop “speeding”.

This can be done by following your natural instinct and combine that with results from what is your body telling you. Whenever you start doing something extreme your body will find a way to tell you, you just need to listen.

Check your body and check your everyday tasks. Check what is the optimal pace you can keep and how much you can push until your everyday life gets affected. Find your optimum in all of these areas and decide what will be your climax.

The hardest thing in this part is the stabilizing process. Since you’ve been raising your effort a long time your body got the habit to do more and more. This is good but in a while you’ll start doing extremes and that is unhealthy and may conflict with your way of living.

There are two ways you can stabilize your “speed”. The first way is “hard brake” the second way is “release the pedal”.

The first way is quick and saves time but it is hard shock for your body and your routine. You need to notice where your climax is and if you are over it, you need to “drop your speed” suddenly to meet the climax. This can be done overnight but it will be harder to get use to.

The second way is longer but you’ll feel no drastic change, everything will go smoothly. All you need to do is decrease your work one step at a time. Every day decrease a small amount of effort until you reach your climax. This way the climax will be easier to become a habit.

The crucial thing that you’ll need to do after you start working with your climax is to keep “walking on that thin rope”. It is very easy to miss a step and fall of your climax. What you need to do is control your actions.

Make a list of parameters or simple rules which if you follow you will be sure that you are meeting your climax. Take notes of your work and compare them with your list. This should give you the answer for do you need to continue your work or should you change something.

After some time your climax will become your habit and it won’t be tough at all. You will know if you are “driving fast or slow” from your instincts. You won’t need lists and schedules any more. This can be done only by investing time and smart effort. Now we come to the “Epilogue”


The Epilogueweight-management-story

Weigh management, like any management, is a tool to fix something or create something better. It is not a destination you are heading, it is the road you are driving through.

Everything continues, every story has an epilogue, some of the stories tell us the epilogue, some don’t but all of them leave a place after the end where everything is left for your imagination.

This story has an epilogue, an epilogue which I will set the rules for, but it is up to you to modify it and ”write” it. You will need to follow your climax until you see no more results for more than 3 months, you notice that you can do more and it won’t affect you or your lifestyle, or if you cannot keep up any more.

When I am talking about the work you are doing, I am not talking only for the physical part, or only for the exercises, I am talking for everything you do that is included in the weight management. That means training, eating, sleeping, thinking, planning… everything that the management requires.

The story is left for you. It is up to you to “write” what will you do after this text, how long will you do that, and how much will you get from it. I have taught you 101 – How to Workout, 102 – How to Diet, and 103 – How to Endure. It is up to you, your will and your discipline to tell the rest of the story.

You have officially “graduated” Weight Management.


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<It all comes down to this, you ether give up and fail or you endure and succeed, that's all that success is>