Weight Management 102 – How To Diet


Let me ask you a question, is it possible to weigh less than someone but be fatter than him?

Of course it is, in fact you would be surprised how fat some of the skinny people actually are. Why is this happening?

Well first I need to explain dieting to you and how it can be harmful for the weight management.


To Diet Or Not To Diet?weight-management

Every person who suffers from having a couple of pounds more than he/she should, desires to lose them fast and without a lot of effort. This is where the dieting programs come to dig some money. A lot of dieting programs focus on 1 general fact, that to drop 1lb of body fat, you need to lose 3500 calories.

When we calculate this ratio, it shows that if we lose 500 calories per day, we would drop 1lb of body fat in just 1 week. You think “Whoa, it is easy and the facts speak the truth.” Wrong! Let me explain why this is wrong in so many levels.

We are all unique, we all have different height, weight, muscle mass, body structure, body fat… we cannot get generalized by the fact that we drop 1lb if we lose 3500 calories. For each of us is different because we are all different.

Other thing is that our body is not a programmed machine. It is a living organism which adapts to changes. If you start dieting like this, let’s say you start eating 500 calories less per day, your body will adapt over time and it will enter a fat storage state. Why is this?

It is because our body doesn’t recognize dieting, it only recognizes starvation. Its senses show that you are starving so, in order to survive, it slows down your normal functions as well as your metabolism so it can store fat which is energy.

This puts your body in a fat storage mode and your body adapts with your calorie intake. This means that in time you will stop losing that 1lb of body fat and you will reach a plateau, where you won’t lose weight anymore and you’ll double your body fat gain.

You will start to feel tired, you will sleep more, you’ll crave for sugars and all of this is because your body was adapted to a different amount of calories. You will lose weight like this, but you will gain more body fat in the process. That is why a lot of skinny people end up with high body fat.

Our bodies are smart, their most important objective is survival and they don’t care about how you look or dieting. They will adapt in any situation just to survive. You need to play smart when you are trying to manage your weight.

What you need to do is not to lower your calorie intake but to increase your calorie burn. This way you can keep on taking the same amount of calories but you will erase those extra ones without setting your body in starvation mode.

With this strategy you will also make your metabolism faster, you’ll lose fat and you will feel more energetic. Like this you will get results much slower but they will be far more healthy, real and long-term.


The Most Important Meal Of The Day

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but why is that? Why is breakfast so important?

The main reason breakfast is so important it’s not because the recipes for breakfasts are so healthy, it’s because breakfast is not a meal it is a period of time, a beginning of the day where you can fill your body with energy and get ready to spend that energy on the right things.

Also, many studies have shown that eating healthy breakfast gives you a lot more energy than any other meal in the day. You will stay concentrated and focused longer, you’ll think clearly and your cholesterol levels will drop.

The secret in healthy breakfast is to mix carbs 45%, protein 30%, and fat 35% in the meal. This combination will give you the right amount of energy and protein boost to start the day. You will feel better because this is the perfect balance of carbs, protein, and fat in a breakfast meal.

Your calories should come mainly from the carbs, but for a balanced diet the proteins should give you 20% of the calories, the fat should bring 30% calories and the rest 50% of calories should come from the carbs.

My suggestion is to eat eggs. 1 egg contains 4g of protein, 3g comes from the white and the 1g comes from the yolk. The reason why I prefer eggs is because their protein is with highest quality.

Many researches show that people who have eaten egg protein have regulated their weight and muscle mass far better than people who have eaten the same amount but from some other type of protein.

Other different breakfast foods you should include are oatmeal, raisins, cereal, yogurt, peanut butter, bagels. Play with your food, experiment, try different recipes and never skip the breakfast meal.


Soldiers Of Healthdaily-foods

The human body is very complex structure unlike any other in the known universe. There are so many levels and points of view to consider when it comes to health. One thing applies to them all, the balance.

In order to be healthy we must keep the balance between all the essentials in our body from our protein intake to our vitamins, minerals etc. Imagine Christmas tree lights. If one of the lights is broken, every other that comes next doesn’t work. You may ask yourself, why does this psycho talk about Christmas lights?

I am not a psycho, well, maybe a little bit… but, my good people, I will gladly explain to you. Our body essentials are similar to the Christmas lights. If we are poor on some vitamin, or any other necessity of our body, we will start losing a lot of other “lights” that are connected to it.

In order to keep our “Christmas lights” working we need to make sure every “light” works properly, or in other words, if we want to be healthy we need to make sure we have all of the necessities that our body needs. We need to keep them in balance.

These are the necessities of our body:


These “workers” repair our muscles and other body tissues, they are essential in our body development. They are like healthy food for our muscles and they also help our body make enzymes and hormones.


Let’s say that fats are something like cushions for the organs. Another job for these underrated helpers is that they are one type of fuel for our body and like any fuel, they provide energy. Also, they help your body absorb the fat soluble vitamins.


The main source of our energy. The “coal for our train”, the “kerosene for our plane”, the “drug for our rock-star”… you get what I am trying to say. This “little buddies” also ensure that our kidneys, muscles, brain and nervous system function properly. There is a specific type of carbs called fiber and it helps your digestive system by providing bowel movements.


They are the building blocks of every cell in our body. Almost every function in our body requires minerals, the creation of amino acids, proteins, the function of many vitamins, the formation of enzymes, blood and bones, the creation and maintenance of the nerve system. They are also the conductor and carriers of electricity and magnetism for our body.


The “amines of life” are the alpha and omega of health. If some of the vitamins are missing from your body, serious consequences appear. We need our vitamins for the proper function of our body. They play very important roles in many chemical processes in our body.


You know that almost 70% of our bodies are made from water so you get the idea how important it is for our health. It’s the transport of our nutrients, hormones, waste products, the temperature regulator, the balance control of many concentrations in cells. No water for more than 3 days and say “bye bye”.


The best friend of your digestive system is found in many fruits and vegetables. It helps with bowel movement, prevents constipation, colon cancer, improves the efficiency of the digestive system and it’s the main reason why you need to go to the bathroom so much after consuming it.

If we want to be healthy we need to include all of these necessities in our diet. The perfect balance is to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water every day, consume the daily vitamin and mineral dosage, eat healthy organic food, beans, fruits, vegetables, and next I am going to show you how to calculate your protein/fat/carbs dosage.


Healthy Mathematics

These are the rules, for every hour 1.3 calories are required for 1 kg, or for 1 day, 32 calories per kg. For a 60kg human, 1920 calories are required to maintain his health. This is the Basic Energy Requirements ( BER ).

If the person works out than, for each hours training he/she requires an additional 8.5 Calories for each Kg of body weight. 2 hour workout for 60kg person would require, 17 x 60 = 1020 additional calories. This is the Extra Energy Requirements ( EER ).

So for a 60kg person who trains 2 hours per day, 1920 + 1020 = 2940 total calories would be required so his body would function properly.

Perfect diet is contained of 20% protein, 30% fat, and 50% carbs. If we take the fact that 1g protein holds 4 calories, 1g fat holds 9 calories, and 1g carb holds 4 calories than we can calculate how much of the “3 amigos” we require in our daily diet.

Let’s see how much protein/fat/carbs are required for the 60kg buddy. We will need to calculate these separately:

Protein – 20% of 2940 is 588 calories from protein. 588/4 = 147 grams of protein per day.

Fat – 30% of 2940 is 882 calories from fat. 882/9 = 98 grams of fat per day.

Carbs – 50% of 2940 is 1470 calories from carbs. 1470/4 = 367.5 grams of carbs per day.

This is the main calculation for 20 to 50 year olds with regular health. It is not that complicated as it sounds, everyone can calculate his own requirements and create his own diet. You just need to stay close to this health guide and use your creativity. Another benefit is that you can customize the diet according to you financial capabilities.


Dessert For The Endhealthy-foods

When it comes to healthy living you need to play smart. Don’t get fooled by the diet propaganda which are made only to rob you. Learn how everything works and customize it yourself.

If you are too lazy to do that, maybe I can help. You can contact me and tell me what is your plan and your body statistics, your weight, height, age, health, body fat. I will create a sample program customized only for you. Let this be my award for you because you read this whole text.

Contact me here.

Remember, everything is in the balance. If you master the balance you will master the happiness of your life. As the brilliant mind of Walter Bishop have said,

“Nature doesn’t recognize good or bad, nature recognizes only balance and imbalance.”

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<Only a balanced diet is healthy diet, nothing acquired fast lasts long and eating healthy is a lifestyle not a goal>

If you haven’t passed the first class of Weight Management – Weight Management 101 – How To Workout, I suggest you do that. If you understand everything till now, you are 1 class away from “graduation”. Are you ready for the final class of Weight Management – Weight Management 103 – How To Endure?

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