Find Life Coach | Meet Melissa LaPlante: How to Flourish Into Your True Potential?


Melissa LaPlante is one of the coaches that we found this month and we did a little interview with her. She impressed us with her passion and purposefulness.

She epitomizes the essence of resilience and purpose driven living. From humble beginnings fraught with adversity to a steadfast commitment to making a global impact, their story is a testament to the transformative power of coaching.

She found her calling amidst the human potential that she stumbled upon. Beginning within the corporate landscape and later transitioning to a deeply fulfilling role working with Developmentally Delayed and Autistic Foster Youth, she honed their craft with a blend of compassion, intuition, and personalized guidance.

Her coaching approach is a blend of intuition, adept teaching skills, and a toolkit tailored to individual needs. She empowers her clients to embrace their inherent potential, surmount obstacles, and embark on a path of purposeful living. Now, poised at the threshold of their ultimate aspiration, to effect positive change on a global scale, she offers a unique coaching approach informed by a lifetime of overcoming obstacles and embracing diverse experiences. Here is what she said.

Meet Life Coach Melissa LaPlante:


Name: Melissa LaPlante

Pillar: The Spirit, The Mind

Who is this coach for: Anyone who wants to find and become aware of their purpose, understand their identity, beliefs, values, desires, strengths, challenges, and leverage all of that to flourish into their true potential.

How they can help: By using various tools and techniques customized to each individual’s needs.

First of all, how are you and your family doing after these Pandemic times?

We are doing well.

Thankfully we did not lose anyone close to us.

We learned to adapt as the rest of the world had to do.

I am grateful for our blessings.

How did the coronavirus pandemic affect your clients? Did it affect you at all?

Throughout the pandemic, I was contracted to work with a Foster Home.

In addition to adhering to preventive measures such as masking, my primary challenge was finding innovative ways to engage clients who were experiencing boredom and confinement at home, struggling to apply the skills they were learning.

This period was marked by uncertainty and apathy due to the constantly evolving situation.

However, maintaining a consistent level of enthusiasm and dedication towards personal growth and empowerment in the midst of uncertainty not only facilitated my growth as a Coach but also kept my clients engaged and hopeful.

What are the biggest lessons that you learned in this pandemic?

That no matter what the circumstances, obstacles, or adversities, Humanity will always find a way to thrive.

The Origin:

Tell us about you, your career, how you started with your coaching career?

For as long as I can recall, I have been the trusted individual whom people turn to for inspiration and empowerment.

A decade ago, I discovered the path of Life Coaching and instantly knew it was my calling.

I obtained certification in 2014 and spent the initial six years of my coaching career within a corporate setting.

In 2019, just before the onset of the pandemic, I made a conscious decision to delve deeper into inspiring and transforming lives.

Over the following years, I dedicated myself to working with Developmentally Delayed and Autistic Foster Youth, aiming to make a meaningful impact in their lives.

Having completed this fulfilling journey, I am now embarking on my ultimate aspiration of making a positive difference on a global scale.

What was your biggest obstacle that you had to overcome in your life that made you who you are today?

I really can’t pick just one because they each shaped me. I’d say the top 3 are:

1. Growing up poor and in a dangerous and abusive environment.

2. Growing up navigating undiagnosed Autism, ADHD, and OCD.

3. Cancer and other health related issues.

The Coaching Style:

How do you innovate with coaching your clients?

I adopt a deeply personalized approach with my clients, guiding them through a transformative journey of self discovery.

This process not only empowers them to embrace their inherent potential and purpose but also equips them with a tailored action plan to turn their aspirations into reality.

What’s unique about your coaching approach?

I am uniquely equipped with a wealth of diverse experiences that have shaped me into who I am today.

Overcoming a myriad of challenges throughout my life has honed the method I now impart to others seeking guidance.

Steering away from a one size fits all approach, I tailor my methods to the individual needs of each soul, aligning with their unique purpose.

By blending my experiences, intuition, and adept teaching skills, I provide the nurturing support that acts as vital sustenance, akin to water for a plant.

Just as water facilitates the growth of a plant, I empower individuals to flourish and evolve in their own beautiful way, allowing their innate potential to bloom and thrive.

What benefits do your clients get after working with you?

They possess a clear understanding of their identity, beliefs, values, desires, strengths, challenges, and how to leverage their strengths to surmount obstacles or seek assistance when needed.

Additionally, they are aware of their unique contribution to humanity and are supported in taking tangible steps towards realizing their purpose.

Do you use any specific tools to be efficient with your clients?

My toolkit varies according to the unique requirements of each client, as I recognize the diverse ways in which individuals absorb information.

To maximize the efficacy of my coaching, I meticulously customize my methodology to align with the distinct needs, objectives, and preferred learning modalities of every client.

The Impact:

If you had a super megaphone that, when you speak into, the whole world will hear your message, what would you say?

We exist as individual cells within the expansive organism of collective energy.

When we embrace our true selves and actively chase our profound calling, we resonate at our correct frequency, harmonizing with the cosmic symphony of existence.

Just as everything is woven from vibrations emitting diverse frequencies, the essence of our combined being creates a magnificent song.

Each of us embodies a unique role in this melodic composition, as a great song once said “Some are like water, some are like the heat, some are the melody, and some are the beat”

Because, we are all destined to play a distinct and essential note in the beautiful harmony of life.

What is the greatest lesson you have learned in your life?

In the pursuit of your aspirations, it is essential to heed the whisperings of your heart, for it knows the path that resonates with your true essence.

Embrace unwavering faith in your abilities, trusting in the depths of your being that you possess the strength and resilience to overcome any obstacle that stands in your way.

Refuse to grant even the slightest credence to doubt, whether it arises from within your own thoughts or is projected by external voices.

Let your inner confidence shine brightly, illuminating the path ahead with unwavering determination and belief in your boundless potential.

Embrace the journey with courage, conviction, and a steadfast resolve to manifest your dreams into reality.

Your final thoughts?

In short, my coaching approach is all about providing individualized support that respects the distinct paths and dreams of every client.

My main aim is to uplift individuals, helping them realize their true capabilities, reach their objectives, and flourish in various aspects of their lives.

On a broader scale, I aspire to impact purpose driven lives, not only on a personal level but also by uniting talented individuals I meet along the way to collaborate on significant global initiatives that benefit humanity, drawing upon their unique talents.

Where Can You Find Melissa LaPlante?

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And if you’d like to connect with her more personally, you can do that through LinkedIn or by sending her a direct message on her Email [email protected]. It was an honor having this interview with her.

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