Find Life Coach | Meet Lily Lomeli: How to Transform Without Changing Your Environment?


Lily Lomeli is one of the coaches that we found this month and we did a little interview with her. She impressed us with her passion and dedication.

She is a passionate advocate for understanding human behavior and fostering connections. Her journey began with a keen observation of human interactions, evolving into a commitment to listen, connect, and empathize with others.

She faced formidable challenges, including relocating to a new country, managing pregnancies alone, and grappling with financial adversity, but through it all she found that her biggest obstacle was always her own mindset. Today she is helping people do the same, find the crazy within them and reframe it.

Her coaching is unique and what makes her different is the understanding that transformation doesn’t always necessitate altering one’s environment. Clients working with her experience not just a change in behavior but also a shift in mindset, gaining the power to shape their lives positively. Here is what she said.

Meet Life Coach Lily Lomeli:


Name: Lily Lomeli

Pillar: The Mind

Who is this coach for: Anyone who wants to change their perspective, thoughts, and habits so they can see a way forward and transform without changing their environment.

How they can help: By combining old school methods and modern technology, by using various tools and techniques like writing, reading, and talking out loud, and focusing on habit change.

First of all, how are you and your family doing after these Pandemic times?

As a single Mother with 1 kid in school and another starting school was a really hard time.

A battle ground, teachers against parents, parents against teachers.

Then to add work, finances, political instability and fears to me was a very hard time to handle as a head of the house.

What helped me was doing selfless work, continue taking care of me, physical and mental health.

Taking things one day at the time and one task at the time.

How did the coronavirus pandemic affect your clients? Did it affect you at all?

Everyone is a different world, like a box full of surprises, hurts, pain, experiences, trauma etc.

When we suppress all the things in that box we develop the desperate necessity to be seen and be heard but with no direction and discipline, some might call it the crazy in our heads.

What covid did was open those boxes with no restriction.

Now crazy is out and I’m on a path to help people collect themselves and understand that “crazy” and understand why it’s there.

I want people to practice Self Awareness, know themselves better, and make better choices on their own.

What are the biggest lessons that you learned in this pandemic?

Everyone has the need to be seen and heard.

What helped me me is: Talk less, listen more.

The Origin:

Tell us about you, your career, how you started with your coaching career?

I have been passionate about human behavior forever.

I would go to places and see how people interact and then, I started to listen more, then I was asking more questions and making an effort to connect.

When I connect I’m able to see the other person’s story and I feel empathy.

Connecting with people helps me understand that I’m not alone and I don’t have to do everything on my own.

It’s a good feeling knowing that you belong.

I dedicated my life to listen to people and help them understand a positive perspective so they can feel that they belong too.

That things don’t have to change so they can be Transformed.

What was your biggest obstacle that you had to overcome in your life that made you who you are today?

I moved from a different country and a different culture, that was challenging on it’s own but what really challenged me was my pride and my own thoughts.

I experienced 2 pregnancies on my own, I almost lived on the street, I had a bike accident, I was broke and I didn’t have any support, I was attached to a bed for some months.

But what really stopped me was my mindset.

My perspective and what I thought about life was always Infront of me, my victim mentality was always Infront of me, preventing me from seeing more and experiencing better.

The crazy in my head didn’t let me see the positive in life and in people.

The Coaching Style:

How do you innovate with coaching your clients?

I’m bringing old school back together with technology and innovation.

I listen and pay attention having a virtual coffee, writing, reading and sharing.

The key is being available for the people that are ready for a transformation and to provide the right tools for them.

I do not tell people what to do, I allow them to practice critical thinking and come up with their own conclusions and solutions with the right direction.

I focus my work in transforming unhealthy habits, consistency, challenging conversations and discipline.

What’s unique about your coaching approach?

I use old school and underrated activities like writing, reading, and talking out loud together with technology and new techniques to optimize the process.

And I focus on habit change.

What benefits do your clients get after working with you?

My clients get an open mind and understanding that they have the power to transform their lives without having to change their environment.

When you see things differently you think differently and you behave different.

With the right approach people can experience a positive transformation.

Do you use any specific tools to be efficient with your clients?

I use different tools depending on the situation, the person and their need.

Some people think that loosing weight is the answer to their problems until they lose the weight and still feel empty, I was there too.

Our “problems” are like icebergs, what we see it’s not always the real problem and I help people to actually see the real problem, the real core of the iceberg.

The Impact:

If you had a super megaphone that, when you speak into, the whole world will hear your message, what would you say?

Your life doesn’t have to change for you to be transformed.

Things are not about you but everything starts with you, it’s all about positive mindset, consistency, discipline and connection.

What is the greatest lesson you have learned in your life?

Things are not about me but everything starts with me.

I have the power to create a Positive Ripple Effect!

Your final thoughts?

We all have a great power, a gift, I call it a superpower.

Something that we are good at naturally because we like it or because it’s a talent, etc.

We can use those superpowers for good or for evil, to help and empower or to hurt and create drama.

And we all can change how we use those gifts.

I bring tools so people can see and understand those gifts so they can learn to use them for good and empower others with selfless examples.

It’s like before you help others, put your mask on first and help yourself first.

Where Can You Find Lily Lomeli?

If you liked this interview and you would love to change the way you look at things so you can find paths forward you were not able to see, go to and find how coach Lily can help you.

If you would like to learn more about her coaching, watch this video:

If you’d like to connect with her more personally, you can do that through LinkedIn or by sending her a message on her Email [email protected]. It was an honor having this interview with her.

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