Find Life Coach | Meet Rachel Tamilio: How to Escape The Frantic Busyness and Align with Your Soul’s Purpose?


Rachel Tamilio is one of the coaches that we found this month and we did a little interview with her. She impressed us with her passion and dedication.

Her path began when they faced a life threatening illness in their thirties, which prompted them to reevaluate their life’s purpose. Prior to her health crisis, she had a stable career as an office executive and was also a published writer, but she felt unfulfilled in that role. It was only after undergoing extensive inner work, which involved overcoming mindset issues, limiting beliefs, and a lack of confidence, that she discovered her true calling as a coach.

She helps people to escape the frantic busyness and align with their soul. emphasizes providing a supportive and holistic approach, integrating various modalities and practices like grounding and binaural beats to facilitate her clients’ personal growth.

Her approach emphasizes holistic support, flexibility, and empowerment, resulting in clients who experience positive life changes and are inspired to create a ripple effect of positive impact in their own spheres of influence. Here is what she said.

Meet Life Coach Rachel Tamilio:


Name: Rachel Tamilio

Pillar: The Spirit

Who is this coach for: Anyone who wants to reclaim their life from frantic busyness and feeling overwhelmed and align with their soul’s purpose.

How they can help: Through coaching and various tools and techniques.

First of all, how are you and your family doing after these Pandemic times?

My name is Rachel Tamilio and I am in excellent health right now, as is my family, despite the global scares of the last few years.

How did the coronavirus pandemic affect your clients? Did it affect you at all?

I don’t know of anyone that wasn’t touched by this pandemic in some way.

It made many people feel isolated, depressed, disempowered and scared.

It’s been a trying time for everyone.

Since my clients are therapists, I know that they have seen an exorbitant number of people struggling with mental health more than ever before as a result of the shutdowns, mandates, etc.,

As empathic souls, this of course, weighed them down as well.

We’ve all learned ways to be proactive and empowered about our own health.

It is my belief everyone can be empowered in the same way.

With applied knowledge, much of it ancient wisdom from many other cultures, there is less opportunity for fear to take over one’s life.

This is a lesson I learned myself, as a cancer survivor.

Thankfully, I meet my clients virtually over zoom so the pandemic was of no effect to my coaching.

The Origin:

Tell us about you, your career, how you started with your coaching career?

It was my brush with death in 2004 and 2005 as a thirty year old that compelled me to begin helping other people as a mentor and coach.

It started with my own family and friends.

Since leadership, mentoring and teaching had always been something I did as a volunteer, it never occurred to me I could make money at it.

Nor did I try.

Before cancer, I was working full time as an office executive, in a relatively comfortable position.

I was also writing, and I had been published a few times.

Other than that, I volunteered at churches and other non profits.

As I slowly picked up the pieces from my grueling ordeal with cancer, I realized that my previous profession as an “office executive” was less one of choice and more by default.

I knew I didn’t want to go back to office work, but I didn’t have confidence to believe I could make money on my own either, so I didn’t try at first.

As I began to do my own inner work, it became apparent that I was struggling with my own mindset issues.

From money mindset to self worth and confidence, there were many layers of limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns I had to uncover and address.

In the meantime, I took gigs as a website designer and business strategist.

I also took odd jobs and driving jobs, all to keep afloat financially.

In one visit with my Naturopathic doctor, I mentioned that I’d like to be a coach but that I didn’t have any credentials.

He challenged me to think of my life experiences as all of the credentials I could possibly need.

I wanted to, but I wasn’t ready.

I felt I needed to do more learning and healing first.

I sought out coaches, mentors, spiritual advisors and read a lot, journaled and took online courses.

I’m not proud to say it but I made the mistake of thinking of every conversation as a coaching one.

I told myself that as long as I wasn’t telling anyone what to do, it wasn’t unsolicited advice and that it was “practice.”

I meant well but I’ve since learned better and have never coached without permission since.

Ironically, it was when I stopped assuming and committed instead to helping people that were indeed looking, my coaching practice finally began to grow.

My clients are helping practitioners, therapists, coaches, heart centered professionals that need and want to reclaim their life from frantic busyness and feeling overwhelmed.

They want to re align their profession with their soul’s purpose or create something new altogether.

Sometimes they unlock a new dream while in session with me, or they see a new way they want to expand their thinking.

Either way, they come away from a session with some kind of insight that begins to change everything for them.

More shifts happen between sessions and it’s always exciting and rewarding to hear about those in subsequent sessions.

I integrate as many modalities as I can in my coaching sessions, to the degree that it is appropriate and a client is comfortable.

I always provide options and ask permission.

Everyone deserves the right to say no or I’m not comfortable.

If my clients were asked to describe how they feel with me as their coach in one word, it’s my sincerest hope that the word they choose would be “held.”

While I often ask them to step outside their comfort zone and do something edgy, I always want them to know I have their back.

I am here to serve them.

My encouragement and challenge to them is not limited to session time either.

I provide special messages of support and various resources that I think will benefit them between sessions as well.

One “unconventional” thing I ask my clients to do is earthing or grounding.

This is the practice of allowing your bare feet to touch the earth.

There is a lot of science behind the notion that as electrical, light beings, we need to be recharged, like batteries, and earthing or grounding is one way we can get a recharge of those ions that we’ve lost to stress and other normal life events.

Everyone I’ve invited to do this “practice” (on their own) reports several things almost immediately: less anxiety, more peace, more ability to observe the patterns and seasons, more of a sense of connectedness to the whole and to the Creator, and less inflammation and physical pain.

Another practice I encourage them to do is to listen to binaural beats or solfeggio frequency to complement their self care practices, assist them in meditation, visualization and manifestation exercises.

I share these practices with my clients because I’ve benefited from them as well.

As best as I know how, I embody what I teach.

As someone has said though, it’s possible to be a work in progress and a masterpiece at the same time.

That’s me and if you’re still reading this, that’s you as well.

Other than being present between sessions, my approach to coaching is one of flexible structure.

I took many courses where some of the fundamental rules were “never ask a yes or no question” or “Never suggest anything. Let the client figure it out.”

While I believe in leading a client to a place of gentle reflection, I reject this traditional thinking of making a client guess and never asking a yes or no question.

Sometimes that traditional wisdom is simply inappropriate.

If I know an answer to a question, why should I dance around it and let them figure it out?

I don’t like it when people do that to me.

My feeling is, if you know just say it already!

I don’t believe in mental gymnastics, especially in a coaching relationship.

There are times where I do redirect, but it’s because I feel there’s more behind the question.

In that situation, I find that if I stay silent long enough, my client will come to an insight they need without my direct answer to the question.

This flow isn’t anything that I could create as a template because it’s all about being present to them in that exact moment.

I call that energy exchange in a session or a state of flow.

All I do is direct the flow during that time.

The way I see it, as a leader, my responsibility is to identify which tool my clients need from me at each session and make that available to them.

I’m focused on being a conduit of energy and support they need in that session.

Sometimes I teach, sometimes I mentor and sometimes I coach.

Coaching is but one method of leadership and support.

The others are just as valid and sometimes more appropriate.

What was your biggest obstacle that you had to overcome in your life that made you who you are today?

The biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome in life was learning how to find and use my own voice.

I had to learn how to create and keep personal boundaries, how to stand in my own power and truth even when everyone around me didn’t or doesn’t understand or agree.

I was raised not to question authority or talk back to someone in a place of authority.

I had to learn how the opposite is true.

As individuals we must always ask questions and think critically, especially of the people that have a title of “authority.”

They are to be held to that much higher standard.

I also found that sometimes the one I have to talk back to the most is myself.

I’ve discovered patterns of thinking or limiting beliefs that before my inner work, I accepted as truth.

I didn’t challenge the thought or belief.

I didn’t look for evidence.

I “didn’t talk back” and that cost me.

This is one reason why I emphasize the importance of listening to one’s intuition with my clients.

I have a belief we often minimize the wisdom of our inner world, and we miss out on what’s possible or walk into a trap that keeps us stalled.

The Coaching Style:

What benefits do your clients get after working with you?

After working with me, my clients find more peace in making decisions because they can be confident that they’ve aligned or are aligning their actions with their soul’s purpose and vision.

They feel empowered to believe they can create whatever they want in their life, without being held back by old habits, patterns or mindsets.

Best of all, they take that sense of confidence and empowerment and produce results.

They change their lives in some way that is significant to them and often their health also improves.

There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that someone I’ve helped feel empowered is inevitably going to make an even bigger impact on the people in their world as well.

It’s what I call the ripple effect.

The Impact:

If you had a super megaphone that, when you speak into, the whole world will hear your message, what would you say?

My message to everyone is that you have more power, promise and potential than you may realize.

You must understand and reclaim your personal sovereignty in every area where someone or something may have made you feel disempowered.

You are a soul, having a human experience.

Inner work is the most important work you can do because it has the potential to connect you with your Source in the way you were intended to be.

That connection with the divine is the key to identifying and walking in your unique purpose.

No one can bring to this world what you are equipped to bring.

No one.

Your final thoughts?


Where Can You Find Rachel Tamilio?

If you liked this interview and you would love to align with your soul’s purpose, go to and see how she can help you.

If you’d like to connect with her more personally, you can do that through LinkedIn or by sending her a message on her Email [email protected]. It was an honor having this interview with her.

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